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manual swap

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    Auto to manual transmission conversion

    Alrighty I’ve been gathering information left and right for the past year or so about an auto to manual transmission swap. I have a 95 xlt with the electronic shift transfer case and the crummy 4r55e, I’ve recently picked up a 5speed manual from a 99 ranger 4x4 (4.0 ofc). I’m sure this...
  2. J

    Help with spedo after trans swap

    Hello, I just completed an auto to manual trans swap on an 02 explorer sport. It works great now... mostly. The speedometer and odometer does not work anymore (it did before). I was under the impression it derived the signal from the transfer case or rear axle, not the transmission? Any one...
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    Manual swap

    Hello, first off if this is in the wrong section i apologize. I realize it is modified once I do the swap but I need info on what these cars came with stock. So... Someone in the 3rd gen sections said I should try and post here as well. It appears the 02 sports are more similar to the 2nd gens...
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    will a 98 sport 4.0l fit in my 01 sport(with 4.0l)/possible 5 sp conv.

    I just bought a wrecked 98 explorer sport with 110k miles very cheap for parts. I want to know if the longblock from it will fit in my 01 explorer sport. Mine has 255k miles and am starting to get some timing chain noise. My motor still runs great other than that but if im going to pull the...
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    How to: Manual Transmission in 4.6 V8 4X4

    Hi guys- I'm new to your forum, and I have some questions. I have a 2002 Explorer Limited, V8 4.6 litre 4X4 and I love it, but the ATX transmission is toast. I never did like auto's, and would rather modify this once to accept a manual transmission and keep the 4X4. I have searched a bunch of...
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    A4LD to M5OD swap problems

    So I started my swap a couple weeks ago and now I have run into some issues. 1. I don't have bolts to attach the pressure plate to the fly wheel. What size are they? What grade should I get? Will I need special heads for clearance? 2. Can I just reuse my auto dust shield? Can I modify it...
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    Problems sourcing manual trans

    The Tennessee hills have finally killed my a4ld. I am taking the leap and swapping in a 5 speed. I have gotten everything the threads say I need except for the computer, pedals, and the transmission it self. The problem I am having is the yards I have talked to in my town have to get a...
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    Battery Light Flickers

    ok so i finished my 5 speed swap still need to work out a few bugs ie. speedo dosent work reverce lights.. anyways since the swap my battery light flickers and everytime it does it its like th ignition was shut of for .002 seconds pretty much as quick as the light flashes it does it at crusing...
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    4.0l 5speed to 5.0 5speed ?

    hi everyone .. i have a 4.0l 96 explorer w. a 5 speed manual tranny .. i want to swap to a 5.0l v8 but i want to keep the ex manual .. i talked to some people about it and they said to get a 5l and put a mustang 5 speed on it .. im not sure what to do .. if any one has any tips or what i should...