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manual transmisison

  1. S

    Lost S/C bleeder screw inside transmission

    I opened the S/C bleeder screw and did not get any fluid flow, just the occasional small bubble. I removed the bleeder screw thinking it might be clogged. Found this clumpy white stuff clogging it up, and slowly coming out of bleeder screw port. I finally got fluid flow and went to put bleeder...
  2. Flashflood

    Explorer doesn't want to go into gear

    When its cold out my 91 explorer doesn't want to shift until it warms up then the only gear I can get it in and that's only with grinding it is reverse. Then after that I really have to push it to get it into any other gear. What is wrong?
  3. L

    96 Explorer sport 2wd manual swap

    Hello ive been following this page for a while never signed up, I have a 1996 Ford Explorer sport 2wd 4.0L V6 wanted to know if anyone here has done an automatic to manual transmission swap on my type of explorer, I’ve found many on different years but not mine and I want to make sure I get...
  4. S

    Screaming transmission

    Hello, I recently swapped my auto tranny to a manual. I did a clutch job and replaced the slave and mater cylinders also. But when I went to start it up after getting It all together, without drivelines installed if that is relevant, it made a very loud screeching noise. Almost like a loose...
  5. J

    Manual swap

    Hello, first off if this is in the wrong section i apologize. I realize it is modified once I do the swap but I need info on what these cars came with stock. So... Someone in the 3rd gen sections said I should try and post here as well. It appears the 02 sports are more similar to the 2nd gens...
  6. C

    Is it time to put my 95 out?

    (I originally posted this under an old thread and since I hadn't seen any responses, I thought maybe it needed to be on its own with a thread of a newer date. Sorry if this is wrong.) Background: I have a 95 Explorer XLT 4x4 w/ 5spd MANUAL transmission. It has about 190k mi. I bought...
  7. S

    New rebuilt manual tranny that is noisy

    Hello all, Thanks for looking at my post here. I would really appreciate some input. I have put in a new rebuilt manual transmission. It works fine but it is noisy. Just last weekend I went on the first significant road trip with it and it now has a high pitched sound when the vehicle is...