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  1. willzilla

    2nd GEN Overhead Interior LED Swap

    This is a variation from the very good and informative post Interior Dome Light LED Conversion (PICs) by MustangP51. His post didn't really detail much on wiring and provide a ton of detail on the backseat and cargo lighting and also went the much cooler and more complex method of building his...
  2. Tbars4

    Elusive Map Sensor Caught on Film- Code 22

    ...and "How To Swap a MAP Sensor" ...The 91's do in fact have a MAP sensor...(Manifold Atmospheric Pressure)...and I've got proof...:biggthump ...I've been working on another code (code 85) so I can pass smog and I thought I had it fixed until, I pulled out a code 22 from nowhere...
  3. New Iraq

    New Iraq