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mass air flow sensor

  1. S

    94 ranger 4.0 mass air flow output to high

    my ranger has been running to rich and blowing black smoke revs up fine but when driving cutts out replaced plugs and mass air flow sensor but my out put signal is to high on mass air flow need help.
  2. J

    Sohc vs ohv mass air

    2000 X, is there a difference between sohc and ohv mass air meters? Are they interchangeable? At what point is the stock meter a restriction? Heard the sohc was an upgrade.
  3. A

    Engine shutters at stop after heavy acceleration

    I have a 2003 Explorer, with the 4.6 V8. When driving a steady pace, all is well. But when I get on it to pass someone, or put the truck in passing gear, and then I come to a complete stop at a light or whatnot, the truck's RPM's get so low that the truck shakes pretty hard for a few seconds...
  4. M

    Mass Air Flow question

    Ok, so here it is, I noticed my truck acting up at start-up. I checked the forums and found out how to test and clean the mass air flow sencor. True enough it was dirty. I unpluged it and the truck ran exactly the same pluged in or not. Cleaned it and the truck ran ALOT better. After a few weeks...