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  1. deewan

    MFT trouble dialing using iOS 13

    I did a search but didn't find anyone else posting about this.... Last night I updated my iPhone firmware with iOS 13. Today while driving I attempted to use MTF to call my wife. I used the same phrase I've used for years. After hitting the Sync button I said, "Call *wifes name* on cell."...
  2. J

    Updating SYNC Image Loop

    So I just recently bought a 2014 Explorer sport. Being a techy one of the first things I wanted to do was update MFT since it was still at the same version that came out of the factory in 2013. I went out to Ford owner site, entered my VIN and it told me there was an update available...
  3. E

    2015 MFT 8" No NAV - Upgrade ideas to get Android Auto

    Hi all. I looked around a bit and didn't find anything on this yet. I was hoping that I could upgrade to an aftermarket system which would have android auto/apply play without giving up all the other functionality (such as the integration with steering wheel controls and the small instrument...
  4. S

    APIM replacement... location, part No, how to?

    Hey all - Our 2011 explorer main screen is dead. Disconnecting the battery at first restarted it but 2 days later dead again and the same fix no longer working. Dealer has been great they diagnosed it and said a module needs replaced (thinks he said the APIM but will double check). I am now...
  5. S

    2013 Limited MFT forgot second key

    My 2013 Limited w/ MFT seems to be forgetful sometimes. It has the issue with the ambient light defaulting to the light blue color, but out of nowhere, it "forgot" my second keyfob. I had used it the night prior, drove home, parked, locked the door with the keyfob; but when I came back out the...
  6. F

    Adding Android/iOS Mirroring to MFT

    New guy here. Long time googler, first time poster... I'm beyond fed up with all of the broken promises and teases with adding app capabilities to the existing MFT platform by Ford, so I'm looking for a way to add them myself. While doing some research, I came across this Crux Wi-Fi...
  7. J

    2013 XLT Equipment Package?

    Good Morning All. Upgraded my Escape to a 2013 Explorer XLT. Absolutely love the truck. Is there a way to identify which Equipment Package is equipped in the vehicle?
  8. C

    Cleaning nav / entertainment screen

    Any do's or don'ts about cleaning fingerprints off the screen? Craig
  9. G

    Missing RDS Info on 4 Quadrant View

    Hi, I have a 2011 Ford Explorer Limited with Sony/NAV. I am running the latest 3.6.2 load and I am having an issue with the Radio Station Text being displayed when in the main view. If I select the dedicated bottom left "Entertainment" view then the radio station information shows...
  10. B

    2013 explorer sony mft add

    I have a 2013 explorer with the 4" sync screen (not sure what the proper name is for this) and I'd like to change it to the 8" sony screen (I think they call that myford touch?). What components do I need to purchase and what are the recommended aftermarket vendors? thanks
  11. B

    2015 Black Sport

    Hi, I just joined!! I've ordered a black 2015 sport with 401a and ACC, i should be able to pick it up on the 7/30. Does anyone have any advice about using and indexing a solid state hard drive (ssd)? What's the max size that can be used? is it usb 3.0 compatible? I have about 180 gigs of...
  12. 1

    Sync MFT Navigation

    To answer your questions regarding navigation in MFT and Sync. If you have purchased a 2011-2014 Explorer or anything with MFT and Sync and it did not have Navigation from the factory there is NO way to turn it on period. The best and least expensive solution if you want navigation in the touch...
  13. P

    SD and USB

    We just took delivery of a 2014 Explorer limited. While we love the drive and comfort we are greatly disappointed in the IVT. The manuals, brochure, and web information all state that there are A/V inputs and still do to this day (just looked at the ford website). Oh well. My current...
  14. D

    steering wheel control play / pause?

    Hi I just got my '13 sport with the sony MFT system. I haven't been able to find if there is a way to pause an audio track (audible book) from the steering wheel controls. I was driving in a tricky area and had navigation on the screen, therefore I didn't want to have to switch to the...
  15. U

    Latest iphone update not ending calls / not playing call sound through speakers

    After the latest MFT update, my iphone was working better than it ever had before! The connection was stable, no issues, and for the first time, I was getting the alert sounds (mail, text message) through my phone so I could hear them. For the past few weeks though, it's gone down hill and...
  16. D

    Nu shield for 12 ford explorer

    So long story short, NuShield proptector for 12 Ford Explorer MFT is now avaiable in Triple A this the the film that is matte finish but hides finger prints. Hopefully some of you will find this a disirable product also. I just ordered mine.
  17. S

    iphones won't connect -- bluetooth prob?

    I have a 2012 XLT. I installed the MFT update in late march, and have come to appreciate the improvements that were made. However, last week, my Iphone 4 stopped being recognized automatically. I tried to do a manual connection, but it wouldn't connect. I did a hard reset of my phone, but...
  18. S

    Vehicle Health Report - after MFT Update

    Does it really exist? Has anyone run one after getting the MFT Update in the past weeks? I might be dumb, but I'm not stupid. My sync system no longer shows an option for running the VHR. I also can not access it over the voice/sync system. I had an issue with an intermittant dash light...
  19. P

    Visit to Dealer Today and Requested MFT Upgrade

    I was in at 10,380 miles in my 2012 Ex Ltd to my dealer today for "The Works" service [oil change and tire rotation]. I complained again about the MFT system and was told they can not help me...they don't have the software, I have to wait for an SD Card in the mail. I reported again the many...
  20. R

    MyFord Touch upgrades shipping this week

    Key an eye on your mailbox. The MFT upgrades are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.autoblog.com/2012/03/06/myford-touch-mylincoln-touch-upgrades-shipping-this-week/
  21. P

    MFT indexes and builds media commands every time I start the Explorer

    I have a 2011 XLT with MFT. I have all of my music on a USB thumb drive (about 900 songs). Almost every time I start my Explorer it begins the process of indexing and then building media commands. It only takes about 5 min to complete the process, but it slows down MFT during that time and...
  22. jcerrion

    MFT Update - Jumpdrive

    Has anyone received their jump drive yet for the new MFT rebuild?
  23. W

    Traffic Alerts Disable? NAV/MFT

    New to this forum, so please do not flame me as I have SEARCHED through the MFT system, this forum and manuals .... I just haven't LOCATED the answer! Background (if you care to read): I live in the Batimore/DC area so it is fairly congested. Anytime I input a route into NAV around rush...
  24. U

    MFT Freezing and restarting a lot over the past two weeks!

    After having the car for almost a year and 11,000+ miles with little to no problems, the MFT system has really started to act up over the past two weeks and it's driving me crazy. The main screen is freezing up and not taking any inputs. The time is frozen, station, climate etc. I can...
  25. jcerrion

    MFT - Complete Rebuild- January

    Hey guys, Ive been a member here since i got my 11 xlt and i share in the pain of issues regarding MFT. If you have read any of my other posts, you may know that i have a family member with deep connections into Ford (24 years in executive position) Anyway, I have yet to see this actually...