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  1. H

    Iso mirror switch

    Im looking to see if anyone has a mirror switch for a first gen they'd like to sell, mine works going up and left but not down and right. Thanks.
  2. D

    04 Explorer passenger side mirror stopped working

    My 04 Explorer's passenger side mirror stopped working the other day. This is what I have done so far: -Ordered new mirror. Plugged in. Puddle light comes on. Power adjustment does not work -Ordered new switch. Nothing -Confirmed new mirror works by plugging into passenger side. -voltage tested...
  3. F

    Side mirrors not moving when parking

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2014 Ford Explorer XLT. The other day I clipped a mailbox and the mirror and cap popped off. It was an easy fix and the mirrors seem to be working fine, for the most part. They power adjust when I am doing it with the buttons on the driver side door. However, since the...
  4. G

    passenger side mirror vibrate on high speed

    Hey guys, on my 2013 XLT Explorer, when I am driving above 100 kmh (60 mph) the right hand mirror is shaking. I touched it while parking and it has some freedom while the driver side mirror is very fixed. Does anyone knows if and how I can remove the glass mirror part and see if something is...
  5. J

    Second Gen Mirrors on a First Gen

    So i've looked all over and i can't find it on here, but can i put the second gen heated mirrors on my 1992 i know they look the same but are they direct bolt on and what is the deal with wiring? I already have power mirrors but they're super faded and im looking to replace them anyways. Thank...
  6. J

    Driver's side Mirror fell off

    I went to close my door one day, and suddenly, the mirror fell straight off. Luckily into a pile of snow, but still off. (see pic) I know i will more than likely have to replace it, but is there a way i can buy only the glass and the bracket to mount to the back of the mirror.
  7. 9

    Gen 4 mirrors on Gen 3 4 Door

    Hey guys - just wanted to take a few minutes and confirm that yes, this swap does work. I picked up my 4th Explorer, a 2004 Eddie Bauer 4.6 4x4, back in March and was disappointed that it still had the same small mirrors that my 2000 has. Especially after driving my F-150, I find them to be...
  8. S

    Rearview Mirror Rework (95 - 98)

    As many threads have reported the heavier rear view mirror (the one with all the Auto head light off timer and mirror sensors in it) tends to want to shiver or vibrate. This thread addresses removal AND a rework method that does not involve glue. None of my...
  9. G

    Door Mirrors - Explorer 1995-2001

    Door Mirrors - Explorer 1995-2001 :us:
  10. D

    Vanity Mirror Covers Won't Stay Open

    Hi everyone, does anybody know anything about the vanity mirror covers and what to replace in order to make them usable without having to hold it up with your hand? Thanks everyone, hope all are well.
  11. P

    Replace the mirror turn signal / blinker light strip

    Some nice person clipped my driver side mirror light strip and broke it. Can yall point me in the right direction for the repair, I have been searching the forum for 2 days and found nothing. I already have the part just need to figure out how to put it in. Thank you (2014 explorer sport tux black)
  12. O

    Passenger Mirror Damage

    Mom was driving the '08 EB. Damage on the other car was a lot worse. Anyone have any ideas if it would hold if the mirror was just popped back in place? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zypvf6o0lu85mge/YdpfJK4AEf Thanks.
  13. S

    Power Mirror Repair

    I accidently hit the driver's side view mirror while washing my 2002ST the other day and apparently one of the tension springs popped out of it's bracket. I kept playing with the mirror until the whole face came off. On the back were the two springs and two forks that plug into the directional...
  14. L

    Auto Dimming mirror melting- dealer won't fix

    Hi, I have a 2009 Ford Explorer XLT 4X4 and for the most part love everything about this vehicle. A few months ago I brought my vehicle in for it's winter service/ winter tires and noted I was having a problem with my auto dimming mirror- most of the time it is still working. The problem is that...
  15. K

    Broken Outside Mirror

    My wife managed to break the passenger side mirror on her '11 Explorer XLT. The local body shop said a replacement mirror is $375.00 from Ford. Anyone have any leads on a wrecked '11 or another supplier?
  16. O

    Power Mirror Switch Wiring

    I recently tore the driver's side door apart to replace the window motor. During the course of this escapade I some how pulled the black and white wire from the door harness out of the power mirror switch. Could someone please post a photo or a brief description of which terminal this wire...
  17. mr1mrwun

    Mirror swap question.

    I did some research and I know we can put 2nd gen rear view mirrors on the first gen. My question is, does anybody know or have an idea if the mounting studs and base of other gens (mainly 4th) have the same pattern/size?? I was planning on doing a swap with the 2nd gen mirrors with the heated...
  18. BigRondo

    How To: Install Signal Mirrors On 3rd Gen Ex

    This is my how to for installing signal mirrors on the 3rd Gen Ex. I know that a lot of you know how to do most of this, but it is a how to so I must assume you know nothing. I am not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence. Before I begin, I would like to thank a few people: RickOTR – for...
  19. T

    Power Mirrors Switch

    I know that the power mirrors adjustment switch is not lit up stock, but is there any way to light it up? Has anyone tried this?