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  1. Y

    Rough Driving

    Hi everyone i have an Explorer 2010 with 150k miles on it the car drives fine most of the time but sometimes it does a weird thing when it starts kinda shaking for example last time i went on a road trip and the road was generally a slight uphill road but at some point there is a long uphill...
  2. I

    Misfiring after changing spark plugs.

    So a few days ago, my 98 explorer started struggling at idle. I'll come to a stoplight, and it will dip down to like 500rpm and struggle to stay on. Last night after work, I got 2 misfire codes for cylinders 3 and 6. Today I changed all of my spark plugs and the wires. Cleared all the codes...
  3. H

    Misfire after fuel filter change

    Hi boys, got a weird one today. 190k miles. Tranny has ~130k. 05 sport Trac XLT. Stock engine 4.0L SOHC. I replaced the fuel filter, or tried to and couldn’t get the line going to the engine off. So I gave up, put it back together, and decided to drive it to a professional to get it done...
  4. C

    Still having problems with my 2000 5.0 Explorer

    I bought a 5.0 AWD Explorerin the late summer, 2020 to replace the '04 that needed timing chains. I love 302's, but I wish I would have just spent thatmoney fixing the '04 Explorer. Since I got it registered, it has been nothing but trouble, which shouldn't be normal for a 5.0. It has been...
  5. G

    2019 XLT 3.5L NA - Flashing Check Engine P0300, P0305, P0306

    I have taken my Explorer to Ford 3 separate times for the same issue. During the fall was the first time and these codes came up, Ford dealer was told to replace the spark plugs and coils on 5 & 6 cylinders. Explorer went back in the next month with the same issue, this time Ford dealer was told...
  6. C

    P0307 Cylinder 7 Misfire

    So a couple nights ago I was out driving and my 2000 Explorer with the 302, and it started misfiring and threw code P0307. The next morning I started the normal checks. I swapped the ignition coils around thinking the coil was going out. That didnt change the misfire. Changed the spark plug...
  7. G

    Any Help Appreciated ! 2011 Explorer cylinder misfire 4/5/6

    Trying to help my brother out and just swapped his motor out for another. Everything seems to be correct. Motor will idle good and rev up . Once its under load codes will be thrown causing loss of power and misfires on 4/5/6. Replaced spark plugs swapped out coils from old motor and still...
  8. S

    Help diagnose random misfire

    Hey all, Been a while since I've been on here, but you've helped me in the past so why not try again. My 96 4.0 was running great with almost 150k on it. I went to dinner one night and stopped by my buddies house on my way home. When I started it up, could almost immediately tell is was...
  9. A

    Misfire - EGR - '00 4.0L OHV

    Hello again, So, I'm back with another question. Could a broken, open, EGR tube cause my Misfire issues? I assume that the answer is yes, however I have seen many, and I mean many, different answers about the subject in my search, and figure the Explorer Forum should be my final...
  10. P

    2003 4.0 SOHC misfire after car wash?!

    okay, 2003 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC. Truck sometimes would misfire when started cold in the morning after sitting overnight. Always stopped with throttle and when warmed up. Just one cylinder, occasionally would set CEL and always P0306 and P0316. Kind of forgot about it because it hasn’t been...
  11. N

    Lean code, Random Multiple Misfires

    Hi all...Im helping repair my sister-n-law's 2006 Explorer XLT 4.0 sohc v6. Its got "running lean" code and "random multiple misfire" code. Ive replaced the ignition "coil/box", intake o-rings, fuel filter, plugs and wires. It starts up just fine (when cold), then upon warming up, starts...
  12. A

    Misfire, Over-Rev Shift, -00 Explorer 4.0 OHV

    Hey there, So I can't seem to figure out the issues with my truck. I recently bought a 2000 Ford Explorer XLS with the 4.0 OHV and Auto 5spd with OD. Since owning, I've enjoyed the truck, and it is a very capable machine... When it is running right... The vehicle has a very serious misfire...
  13. X

    04 Sport Trac, replaced engine once already

    Hello, A little backstory to start, we bought the Sport Trac new from the dealership (12 miles on it). We did the normal tuneups/oil changes and basic maintenance. At around 100k the engine decided to die on the way back from a vacation with no warning, the check engine light came on and 5 secs...
  14. D

    Surging while driving

    I have a 92 Explorer XLT 4x4 with Apprx 211,000 miles.No CEL. recently its been surging between 35-45 mph if im accelerating. it almost refuses to stay between 1,000 and 2,000 rpms only during that speed. I changed the plugs & wires about 800 miles ago and it fixed it. but the surging has come...
  15. B

    New explorer sport member, older model

    Hello all, I have a 2001 explorer sport that after bouncing around for 17 years is starting to get some wear and tear. I have a few issues that I need help figuring out but my BRB is still trucking on well considering. I have some sort of exhaust leak that started giving me issues when...
  16. E

    Evap purge miss fire

    My 2001 4.0 explorer has developed a misfire , it's throwing evap codes as well , it's got all new plugs and wires and a new coil pack so I believe the misfire could be caused by the evap purge valve or evap sylnoid , what do you guys think ?
  17. K

    Engine Knocking, Rough Idle, Misfire? Video

    Alrighty a little background. I recently put the following new parts on my 1999 4.0 OHV Explorer 130 Amp Alternator Upper Intake Manifold Fuel Injectors Fuel Rail Gasket Replaced the EGR Tube O-Ring The first time I put everything back together my truck ran with no knocking at all. The...
  18. K

    98 Explorer 4.0 OHV Can't find the misfire! PLEASE HELP!

    1998 Explorer Sport 4x4 104,000 miles 4.0 OHV 5 Speed Automatic I've had a problem with a serious misfire that randomly started a few weeks ago.There are NO codes or CEL Truck starts fine and idles good, I can accelerate at grandpa speed and all is good. As soon as I open the throttle 50% or...
  19. E

    Random misfire p0300 p0302

    2002 Ford Explorer with 150k miles. Have done maintenance mostly myself. For last 2 yrs the check engine light has been on and would occasionally go off. Code check said was an o2 sensor so I blew it off. As of a month ago I noticed lack of power while driving. Pedal down to floor and car...
  20. K

    Different type of misfire 5.0 2001 Explorer

    Hello, My misfire is acting different than any other one I have checked on this forum. When I start it cold the engine shakes really bad in park, when I shift into gear and put a load on it the shaking is much less. when idling at a stop light there is just a little shaking but when I give it...
  21. N

    Running Like Garbage

    Alright so all of the sudden my 00 Explorer (4.0 SOHC) has been running like garbage. It started when one of my cats got plugged (it sure shined a nice cherry red). Since then, I have replaced plugs, plug wires, and coil. They didn't help so I replaced the Crank position sensor now too. The...
  22. Bobbylew

    2004 XLS 4.0 SOHC At My Wits End!

    I have Bank #1 - Rich and Bank #2 - Lean Codes! ???? P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0316 Codes were corrected by replacing the plug wires and cleaning/gapping the plugs. I have new plugs on hand and will replace them. I used to think I was fairly savvy at diagnosis, but those days are gone...
  23. P

    Misfire safety

    So heading home from work today I got a check engine light and pulled into the local auto parts store and had it ran. Code was P0303 which is cylinder 3 misfire. Already had plugs and wires ordered for routine maitanence but won’t be here until the 10th. Issue is I need it to drive to work each...
  24. F

    06 Explorer Rough Idle when in Park..Help

    Here is what I got: 2006 Eddie Bauer 4x4 4.0 Sohc v6 121,000 Miles Here is what happened: Vehicle overheated due to thermostat housing melted and seam separated. Here is what I've done: Replaced Thermostat housing Radiator Flush and fluid replace Oil Flush and fluid replace Changed PCM,spark...
  25. M

    HELP!! Explorer misfiring why!??!

    Hello world, I just recently went through changing all the spark plugs and wires in my 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0. One week later I'm leaving work and 2 minutes down the road the truck bogs down and shuts off. Takes me 20 minutes to get started again after multiple attempts. Finally got started and...