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  1. N

    More NA power coming!

    Something big is coming that I'll share with the group when complete. It will apply to the NA 3.5 as well as the 3.7. Should be able to post results in a few weeks. Will be a fairly easy bolt on and will reveal it all after I have completed the addition and done the testing. It will include...
  2. J

    That catalytic game, 02 4.6 limited.

    2002 Explorer 4.6, if read tons of stuff about exhaust for them but I haven' found a real answer on something. If you were to remove the cats, replace them with straight pipe then installing the o2 sensor in the same relative spot would the system work with no CEL? And with that being said...
  3. B

    2010 ford sport trac key fob mod

    I wanted to know if its possible to replace our separate key and fob setup with an all in one key and fob (used on a ford edge I believe) for a cleaner look. I've tried searching, but have not found anything relevant to a Sport Trac and specific details. I'm not sure it the all in one OEM key...
  4. tjtheman007

    How to: 04+ Sport Trac Fog Light Mod (Stays on W/ High Beams)

    Fog lights stay on when brights/high beams are engaged. **Do this mod at your own risk. I take no responsibility if you mess something up or violate any laws with performing this mod.** First, verify your fog light relay location. (Refer to owners manual.) The pictures used here are on my 04...
  5. E

    Should I supercharge or turbocharge?

    I'm no car guy, I'm into the appearance of a car, but at the same time the performance. I don't know much about engines. I know though, that supercharging and turbocharging gives more power(?). I am considering one of those options on my 04' XLS Base model. I would like more power, a better...
  6. J

    One way to install a better seat in the explorer

    So there may be posts about installing aftermarket seats in our Explorers but I couldn't find one that dealt with adapting a seat from another ford to work in our cars. The reasoning for me at least was simple the left side brace on the bottom portion just snaps over time. Maybe its just me but...
  7. DSC_00301


  8. 2016 Explorer Sport

    2016 Explorer Sport

  9. H

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated

    Hello everybody, my name is HOOAH and I am the new owner of a 2006 Ford Explorer XLS 4.0 V6 4wd, with 103k. This is my first Ford vehicle and I hope it serves me well for many years to come. I already had a dealer look it over and they gave me the check list that it is ok and all is well. I have...
  10. M

    Steering Wheel Mods from Stock?

    Hi all, currently the leather wrap on my wheel is broken and the wheel itself feels really bad in your hands (I'd try a cover but it seems to make the wheel too thick and hard to grip for me) I was wondering if there were any cheap options out there for a new wheel? I know carid has one for...
  11. M

    Aftermarket Halo headlights for 03' Explorer?

    Hi all, I've been searching for sometime now and can't seem to find any professional looking aftermarket headlight/turn signal lamps for my 03' Explorer. I found one for the expedition but it is one single unit, whereas the explorer is two separate units for the turning lamp and the headlamp...
  12. 9

    Ranger steering shaft

    So while at one of the local salvage yards here I noticed that the ranger steering shaft is notably thinner than the explorers, so I got one and it has give a good bit more clearance at the headers. I think it's enuf to be able to clear non explorer headers, I will post pics of the size...
  13. J

    HOLY CRAP thats a lot of TV's!!!

    Check this out! there even an engine??!!!?? :eek::eek::eek::eek: 8 7.2” TV’s 57 2.5” TV’s 13” Sharp TV 2 7” Headrest TV’s 10 7” TV’s 7 4” TV’s 1 17” TV 17” Samsung screen...
  14. J

    Where to put (4) 10" midranges?!

    Plan on buying 4 10" midrange speakers in the next week. Would the C Pillars hold up 2 speakers each? Maybe fiberglass it? What would it take for these pillars to hold? What are your thoughts/suggestions? Arrows pointing to the pillars in the rear, closest to the liftgate TIA PPLES!
  15. H

    No Hazards, signals or brake lights.

    Ok so I was installing turn signal arrows behind my mirror and got the first one working nicely, second one was just about to be finished when I ended up shorting my wires. How I installed these were by removing mirror glass and fitting the arrow turn signal behind there and used about 20 gauge...
  16. J

    How to: 3rd Gen LED Halo Headlight Mod

    Hi All...Creating this to showing all how to mod your own headlights with Halo's! {Order did get a little screwed up with the color purchase of the LED rings, but still looks good :) } :ttiwwp: First off, took me about 2 hours for first light, then 30 minutes for 2nd light...
  17. J

    2002 Explorer 4.6L Project(s)

    I've seen a thread on here that has green LED Halo's within the headlights. I've already searched it up, even went on eBay for pricing. The problem is: Just for the Halo LED's (pack of 4 halos) is $199.99. I know the Explorer headlight ring is huge and and the Halo’s would make it look...
  18. C

    Me and my Mods…

    After replacing my parking brake shoes, I wanted to make sure I didn't drive off with the brake on, like I've done so many times in the past. I just don't notice the brake light on the dash until it's too late sometimes. Well, I know it's been done before, so I decided I could install a blinking...
  19. C

    Is my clutch pedal normal?

    I've searched, and searched to find something on this issue, and couldn't find anything... I noticed when I bought my Sport in Dec, the clutch pedal had worn a hole completely through the floormat...They were the original ones, and needed replacing anyway due to normal wear... they were 14...
  20. J

    Window Tinting

    Got the tint done on the car today, and picked up my Weathertech mats. Friday, I'm getting the 3M Venture Shield installed.
  21. M

    $10 locking glove box

    So, as some of you may know, this is not a perfect world, there is crime and there are bad people in this world… that being said, im sick and tired of stuff going “missing” from my car. and lets be honest here, when i get pulled over by a cop, i want to be able to put my "stuff" somewhere where...
  22. H

    2000 Explorer Sport Fog Light "Mod"

    Well ive been looking around for awhile and cant seem to find a way to mod my fog lights so that the fogs stay on with my high beams and running lights i have some pictures of my relay boxes for reference if anyone can help me with this i would appreciate it allot here is the relay by the air...
  23. F

    My New 1994 Mazda Navajo SNORKEL. What you think?

    just built this snorkel for my navajo tell me what you guys think thanks
  24. L

    getting a new muffler on all stock '97 explorer

    Well, I have a '97 XLT V6 all stock, but I've been playing with the idea of getting an after market muffler but am not sure if I'd have to mess with the catalytic converter. I already have someone who knows how to weld (good), so that's not an issue. Any input would be great!
  25. J

    Hello From Canada

    Well this is my first time on a forum and actually registering... I am hoping to probe you all in order to build a mid grade off road Sport Trac, by mid grade I mean beyond trail worthy, almost baja style. I am in the process of getting shop manuals and other info to enable me to push the stock...