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    Fender Flares from an 07 Ranger on 04 Sport Trac

    Hey all, I am chatting with a guy parting out his 07 Ranger atm and he has a set of Ranger fender flares, Would they fit my 04 Sport Trac with little modification required ?
  2. N

    More NA power coming!

    Something big is coming that I'll share with the group when complete. It will apply to the NA 3.5 as well as the 3.7. Should be able to post results in a few weeks. Will be a fairly easy bolt on and will reveal it all after I have completed the addition and done the testing. It will include...
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    How to: Fake a Dark Car Mod 2005 Explorer

    The procedure: Remove the ceiling light bulbs that come on automatically. Remove the brown wire in the number 2 position in the center connector of the Vehicle Security Module. Open each front door panel and remove the black/light blue wire from the connector to kill the puddle lights...
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    How to: New Forscan Update Allows Module Programming

    Mod: Don't know if you want to leave this in basic forum or move to MOD section. Kinda gray area since its essentially changing OEM settings. Don't usually do disclaimers but I feel this one needs it. DISCLAIMER: The content listed is for modifying existing code in your control units. You do...
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    LOBO Rack DIY mod "EASY"

    This rack mod was only for Nissan Xterras but I did a little modification on my Explorer that wasn't hard. You need the following items: 1.Zip-ties 2. 3 foot Linen shelf kit 3.Flat head screw driver 4. duct tape or electrical (i use electrical). Steps: 1. Pop off the two plastic...
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    cold air intake

    does anyone know where i could buy a cold air intake
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    Wanted Brush Guard/Bull guard for a 1991 Explorer

    I am looking to buy a bull guard/Brush guard whatever you wanna call it. For a 1991 explorer. I want to give my explorer more of a mean look to it, then what it looks like at the moment. I don't be cheap, but i don't want it to be too expensive. Like $300 max. If anyone has one they would...
  8. C

    How can i beef up my 4.0 SOHC

    Hello all i have a 2000 explorer 4door 4x4. Its been a good truck but i would like some more power... What can i do to beef it up? Thanks for your time
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    2000 XLT V8 for my son

    I am looking at a 2000 XLT V8 4X2 for my son. Owner wants 4.8k, KBB says 3.8k. It has about 115k miles and is in decent shape. I have and will do the maintenance and modifiations to it. My question: In your opinion is 4.8k too much for a 4x2 in N.Texas? and what type of headers are you guys...
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    Hello everyone. I was driving home the other day and stopping at the light I looked to the flat nosed cube truck beside me and I was surprised to see that the engine badge on the side of its door read 4.5 Powerstroke V6. This got me dreaming about re-powering my '94. I nice little diesel V6 with...
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    2002 Mercury Mountaineer Mods

    [B]Hello Everyone! I own a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer V8, and am looking to update the interior (trim, seat covers, dash, etc). After that, I'd like to make some modifications to the exterior, and then eventually some mechanical changes to bump up the mpg. I know that this is an...
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    Electric Power Steering

    I'm trying to find more ways to reduce the stress on my engine and help improve fuel efficiency. I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to replace the stock power steering pump with an electric system. Has anyone tried this yet?