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  1. A

    What are the best first steps to take?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 2001 Explorer Sport 4WD. I used to have a Mustang so the difference in space and handling is immense! I've already purchased new rims, tires, and a front grill guard. But what else (besides a lift) would you guys recommend for offroad/convenience for a first-time...
  2. K

    Hello from MN

    Picked up my first Explorer this past December after enduring the family minivan stretch for about 18 years! 150k miles and it's in great condition inside and out. Looking to make some minor modifications to start and see where it goes. Hoping to find some great ideas and inspiration here.
  3. H

    Do I have enough power for my amp and sub

    Just installed a 10in sub with a 1100w amp (850 rms) the sub is 400w Max and I'm on my stock alternator, also have an aftermarket headunit which I believe pulls 180w max. Can my alternator handle it? Or should I look into getting a high amperage one.
  4. N

    More NA power coming!

    Something big is coming that I'll share with the group when complete. It will apply to the NA 3.5 as well as the 3.7. Should be able to post results in a few weeks. Will be a fairly easy bolt on and will reveal it all after I have completed the addition and done the testing. It will include...
  5. O

    New Member Introduction

    Thought I would go ahead and introduce myself as a new member. I currently own a 2007 Limited 4.6L V8 2WD Explorer model. "Modifications" done; Bently Style Black Grill, Custom Built Headlights (Done By Me), Halo Foglights, Painted Rims, Hankook Dynapro ATM Tires, Plastidiped Trim (If that's...
  6. L

    New here!!!

    Just wanted to say hey! I’m new to the site and wanted to show what I’ve been doing to my 2017 Explorer XLT. I’ve made modifications to have it murdered out and I seriously love it! If you guys have any other mod suggestions please let me know!!!
  7. M

    Was a Chevy/Dodge guy up until about a week ago

    So I was given a 2003 Ford Explorer XLT (Eddie Bauer edition) and I've always been a Chevy guy. It's all we've ever owned aside from an 01 taurus station wagon. I was born and raised in the rural east coast of North Carolina so Ford bashing was second nature. I absolutely love this SUV (aside...
  8. E

    2004 Ford Explorer XLS - Modification Queries

    Hey all Hoping that someone on here can help me! Bought an '04 Explorer 4 years ago, but has a few cosmetic issues that I've been wanting to get fixed. Unfortunately had very little joy finding the parts. Would appreciate any help! (1) Center console The lid is mostly broken from what I can...
  9. 5spdman

    fun little on-board air project/question

    This has been in my mind after going over virtually all of the mod threads in the last two weeks. I would like to install on-board air, whether it's filled with an on-board compressor or in the shop, to air up tires after hitting the trail. I've thought about using an old air compressor tank...
  10. R

    1994 ford explorer full exhaust system ideas

    Hello Everyone, I recently had a rebuild re-done, it wasn't done correctly and I am in the process of taking the engine apart to redo the valves, lifters and rocker arms due to a constant loud ticking noise. Than I had the idea of making it a bad 4.0 Colagne v6. Just to bounce ideas off...
  11. 1

    5.0 Swap 92 2wd

    I finally did it. After many months of idle. I bit the bullet and bought a 5.0/C4 combo from a workmate/friend. This unit originally was from a mustang I am told. Previous owner converted it from F.I. to Holley 4-BBL and Edelbrock performer intake. It was used in a 32 Ford rod, and replaced when...
  12. T

    Painted Grille

    Wanted to get people's thoughts/experiences for those who have painted their grille. I have a 2011 White, XLT, 4WD and after a year and a half of keeping everything stock, I'm looking to make some mods now. For a while I've wanted to paint the grille black and when I saw pictures of the Sport...
  13. L

    Swap out Twin I beam Suspension

    I want to get rid on my 95 rangers twin i front suspension just dont like the idea of camper change eveytime i hit a bump. what is a good idea to swapout the front suspension without doing and major frame alterations.
  14. D

    Top 5 performance modifications for a newbie.

    Hey guys, It's my first time on the forum. I got a 2000 Explorer XLS 4.0 OHV. I was recently at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit this past weekend. And I loved it. It got me to want to boost my Explorer. I was wondering what were some of you guys' best performance modifications on a...
  15. S

    body lift advice/help needed

    so as i understand it, THIS body lift kit is the one i need for my explorer? i am not very experienced installing anything that has to do with my sploder. i do have some friends that would be able to help out though, one that has completed a body lift. how much time is needed to do the lift...
  16. S

    Advice Needed, Lots of it...

    Ok, so being as new as i am, i haven't had much time to read up on this stuff, so i am just gonna ask it all out. I am planning on getting some 275/70r16 General Grabber HTS' on my 97 explorer sport after a 2" TT and 2" shackles. My question would be are General Grabbers worth the $? Any...
  17. S

    Transmission Swap Questions.

    Im looking to swap out my 99 XLT's Auto tranny for a manuel one. what all parts do i need to rip off of a wrecked manuel Explorer to put in mine and can anyone from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, or Illinois refer me to someone who could do this swap for me for around 500$?
  18. M

    Turbo Charger System/Lift Kit

    So, I have a couple questions about turbo and lifts. I own a 1998 Explorer Sport 4.0L OHV 2wd. Is there any kind of turbo kit out there that can be installed on this vehilce? Also if a body lift is done on it will the front and rear bumpers be raised too? I'm trying to get it custom...
  19. A

    Whats up everyone! Creative suggestions~

    New to the site and love all the forums. I have a '00 White XLS and it is in amazing shape! Just put the new Kenwood DNX6160 iPod/Bluetooth/Navi Double Din inside it with a few small subs (since I am a business man haha) Now comes the fun part! I have decided after reading all these posts to...
  20. 9

    '95 explorer mods and help

    [hey everyone, i recently purchased a '95 explorer for my first car and i am wondering if you have any mod suggestions? may it be performance wise or interior/exterior. i have been doing some researching and have decided to most likely get a flowmaster super 44 muffler installed here soon. if...