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  1. M

    Diod, Modules, Hood release,

    Is there any reason I can't replace the two little diods under the hood, located in the fuse box? I just pulled my lamp out module on Red and than another off an explore at a junk yard. They both are brown in the same area. Is there a way to refurbish? Or anyone know an inexpensive place to...
  2. M

    2017 Heated Seat Control Module Location?

    Hello all, I bought my Explorer a few months ago, it was just under 3 years old and off-lease. No issues at all, seemed brand new. After just 6 months of ownership, though, the heated seats don't work at all now -- both sides. I've done a lot of research and narrowed it down either to the...
  3. C

    backup camera diagnose and replace APIM

    I am new to this forum. I brought my 2012 explorer limited to the dealer because backup camera is not working. All the other bells and whistles work on the touch screen. Dealer told me I need new APIM module and it will cost 1240.00. 370.00 was for the diagnosis. I had the whole system replaced...
  4. K

    2016 Passenger Seat Heater Module

    Seat heater/cooling on 2016 sport passenger seat not working. Button lights turn on, but fan doesn’t turn on. Replaced blower already, still not working. Ordered part 9U5Z-14C724-A (module) on Tasca, but online schematic only shows back seat. Anyone have a schematic for front seat and where...
  5. C

    Revised Starter/Backup Lamp Switch Electrical Schematic?

    I am striking out finding TSB 92-24B-52, which documents revised wiring for the starter/backup circuit. My truck starts correctly in park/neutral as it should. The problem is that 4-Lo does not work (4-Hi does work). The R/W wire which is the park/neutral input to the Shift Control Module is...
  6. T

    Where is the SRS MODULE?

    In my 02 sport trac, I need to replace the SRS MODULE. I know there are other components to replace, but I'm wondering where the module is located. Is it under the front console by the ash tray? If so how do you remove the front console.under the ashtray.
  7. M

    airbag module explorer 2004

    please help, i need to know location an remove airbag module fom my explorer 2004 4.0 better if have pictures or video thanx manu
  8. J

    Wanting to buy Tire pressure monitoring system module/receiever

    I've had the worlds most difficult time trying to track down why this system isn't working (and never has) on my 2004 Ford Explorer 4.0 XLT Sport, this is the last thing I am going to try before I quit worrying about it. The only thing left I haven't checked is if the module itself is bad, so...
  9. L

    Needing to find a GPS module

    We just purchased a 2007 Explorer, Eddie Bauer Edition. According to the original window sticker, it came with a 6 CD changer/MP3 player. Somewhere down the line, someone replaced that with an OEM 6 CD changer/Navigation system, but it appears to have been taken from a Mercury (It says MERCURY...
  10. B

    RKE acting up? Replace?

    Anyway: Back to my problem of multiple devices acting up - it appears that all of them somehow are communication with the RKE module - the one that was found broken off of it's two mounting screws and rattling around the rear fender well for ...maybe years. Are there any internal boards that...
  11. J

    Explorer Cruise Control Diagnosis Help

    I have a 2000 Ford Explorer XLS and need some help diagnosing my cruise control problem. The switches on the steering wheel light up, but when I click the on button the cruise control light on the dash doesn't come on. I haven't dug too deep into the module, but I'm guessing I just need to...
  12. R

    Intermittant Door Locks by Remote.. 2004 Explorer

    2004 Ford Explorer... Here is a problem I have been fighting for a while. One day after heavy rains, I noticed the lights, radio, and door locks would not work. Fixed these with the WD-40 in the door switch as noted on this site. NEXT.. had another bunch of situations. I reset the VSM...
  13. J

    Knob AC/Heater to Digital?

    Can this be done? I see on the back of the ebay controller pic, there's two plugs. Not sure about mine. Would this be a direct swap or would additional harness be required? Will need a new dash as well. TIA :) Ebay...
  14. B

    Dash Dimmer Switch out-fix it yourself

    I found this very informative youtube video: Its for a 1996 Explorer but is the same for a 1995 to 1997 Explorer.
  15. M

    2010 (2010) Explorer Eddie Bauer computer module for keycode

    Hi, I could'nt find the exact anwer to this so I decided to star a thread. I'm looking for the keycode. The manual says to look for the computer module. Where can I find the computer module on the Explorer 2010? Thanks!
  16. D

    How to decipher GEM module #'s & letters

    Couldn't find a thread showing what the different numbers and letters mean on a GEM module on here. My '95 4door 2wd 4.0 shows a gem of F57B-14B205-BF "F" I figured that the 2nd digit (5) is the year, after that its all Greek to me! I also saw some GEM's listed for 4x4's with all the same...
  17. F

    auto down window module(passenger side)

    Hey everyone i have been searching for hours now, and i cant find anything that shows how to wire a stock ford auto down window module to the passenger side of a first gen explorer... I picked one up today from the salvage yard and i really want to make it work... does anyone have a wiring...
  18. V

    need people with experience with performance pcm modifications

    hi everyone, im a young guy and have very little experience with performance off-roading vehicles. i need some help figuring out what type of performance pcm modifications to do. my suv is a 1991 explorer eddie bauer 4dr 4wd. the modifications that i have done so far are headers, performance...
  19. Removing the ignition module.

    Removing the ignition module.

  20. Accumulator, ignition module, and cycling switch.

    Accumulator, ignition module, and cycling switch.

  21. willindsay

    How-To: One Touch Up

    Ok so I came across This Link somewhere on the forum and though it would be great to have One Touch Up especially on the drivers side. Now the link is for a Ranger so it took a little bit to figure it out. With the help of a wiring diagram and some people on this forum I finally figured it out...
  22. N

    Dimmer module pinout

    One gripe I've had with my 95 Limited since I got it, is that there's no way to disable the dome lights as the dimmer module doesn't have the click at the bottom. So today I went to a junkyard for unrelated things and found a ~99 XLS with a switch that clicked on the bottom. Score! Or, so I...
  23. H

    Power Seat/Power Pedals Dead

    my driver seat power pedals and power seat are not responding. Green light on memory switch also not lit up anymore. Mechanic said it was the motor assembly on the seat, but that does not align with the info on the web. It seems more likely the memory module. Checked all fuses and they are...
  24. M

    4x4 control module part identification help

    the other day me and my buddies went out 2-trackin, and my 4x4 didnt engage and there was no clicking coming from the module.. this was a shitty time 4 this to happen as always.. cuzz i coulndt go further without locking in. so i took my 4x4 control unit out , and there was a rattle... so...
  25. Resistor/Diode module.

    Resistor/Diode module.