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    Regular Shocks or Load Leveling Shocks?

    I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking about replacing my shocks and I'm wondering about the advantages of load leveling shocks versus regular shocks. I've looked at Monroe load leveling shocks and they seem to be a lot more expensive (it looks like I can buy 4 regular for the price of 1...
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    Shock Replacement Results

    So I plan to replace my front and rear shocks tomorrow along with my rear sway bar end link bushings. I purchased the RS5229 for the front and Monroe 58617 Load Adjuster shocks for the rear. I also purchased Moog Sway Bar End Links for the rear but they sent me two different products (I wanted...
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    Rancho Quicklift Loaded Review

    I usually don't post on here but I just put a set of the Ranch QL struts on the girl. If anyone hates who their explorer dips down in the front (front of car sits lower than the rear), I would absolutely recommend these struts. I had 100K on the factory ones and the difference is night and day...
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    Shock Recommendation?

    Hey guys, looking for some opinions here.. It's time to replace the shocks on my 2000. Handling and ride quality have been steadily declining and the D/S rear looks like it's leaking, so I know where some of my tax return is going this year. I will also probably replace the '5th shock' in...