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  1. 9

    Gt350x 93 explorer

    WELL I know its been awhile since ive posted here and the last i was on i was talking about my V8 swap - ive finished the swap and thought i would share photos and help answer any questions for anyone else thinking about the swap. thank you to everyone here who helped answer questions along...
  2. D

    5" monster tach problem

    Just installed an autometer 5" monster tach into my 99 sport. The reading is off, this new tach reads about 1000rpm higher than the factory tach. Anyone else had this problem?
  3. celly

    Torque Monster Header (TMH) Gasket Replacement-Pointers needed

    I've found bits and pieces of info out there on replacing the header gaskets used with TMH, but was hoping to put together an all inclusive thread on how to do the job. I got the headers put on in July at Jon's place in July as some will recall. The install was definitely first rate but I have...
  4. sweeet


  5. My Monster

    My Monster

    Here is Brian Greens old Explorer now owned by Kris Guilbeaux as a project truck