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motor mounts

  1. Number4

    Solved 94 Explorer Motor Mounts Replaced

    So with my engine out I was wanting to replace the motor mounts. Ex only has 137K or so on it, but I figured now was the time to do it. I searched the forums and the only thing I could find was a 'how-to' on a V8 model. And reading that just about made me roll the carcass out into the...
  2. D

    Engine shake

    Back again with yet another question that's probably been answered. 1997 Explorer E.B. V8 AWD has obtained a noticeable engine shake to it. I noticed it a few weeks ago while working on installing a new stereo. I had it idling and everything was running smooth then all of sudden it started...
  3. Brian1

    For Sale HD Motor Mounts

    I have a new pair of heavy duty 4.0L motor mounts up for sale. Custom fabricated to the OEM mount specs so it is a direct bolt in re-using your existing hardware (nuts). They use a polyurethane bushing to isolate the motor. Replaces the Anchor and other brands part # 2641 and 2643 mounts Fits...
  4. D

    Motor mount question

    I'm loosening the motor mounts on my '99 Mountaineer so I can jack the motor up to get the steering rack out. I've loosened the 4 nuts as much as I can without taking then completely off. The problem is, that still isn't high enough for me to clear the oil pan to get the rack out. If I jack...
  5. C

    '93 Ranger 4.0L - Poly motor mounts?

    I'm going to be replacing the motor and trans in my '93 Ranger soon. It will be getting a mildly worked 4.0L-OHV (comp 410 cam, light port/polish, headers), but I drive it and work it hard. I feel like the available parts store motor mounts just don't hold up (or the trans mounts..). I can't...
  6. C

    99' Motor mount replacement procedures

    Hey, I need some help please! I need some definate procedures for replacing the motor mounts on a '99 Mountaineer, 5.0, AWD. In studying the situation, the upper nuts are easily accessed by removing the mud/rain guard flaps from the fenderwells. But I still gotta figure out the best way to...
  7. K

    Manual Shifter rattles in neutral(motor mount?)

    Help is needed. The wife has been driving the Ex for a few weeks and wouldn't you know, It is sick.:rolleyes: Now there is aloud rumbling coming from the exhaust( not a good rumbling) , and a whining sound from the a/c compressor (I think) but the one problem that has me worried is the shifter...
  8. E

    4.0 OHV Engine Mounts

    Used motor seems to vibrate more then the old one..... Any particular order they(motor mounts) need to be tightened? Any particular issues I should look for? Seems like the passenger side front was off, wrong angle...