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motor swap

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    Hello from the Peach State!

    Hi all! My name is Matt, from Georgia! Great to be here! I have a big question and I'm not really sure where to post this yet, but hopefully, if this is the wrong place, some kind soul will redirect me! So here goes... What do I have to do to (wiring wise) to swap a 2001 4.0 Explorer motor to...
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    Compatible motors for ‘04 Sport Trac

    Does anyone now if a 2004 Sport Trac automatic 4 WD 4.0 vin k can take a 2009 Ranger V6 2wd 4.0 s/n 9J1P9701 manufacture date 14 SEP 09 on the back rear it also has SOHC on it. I ask about this specific motor as I have a friend who has one and is willing to part with it for a very reasonable price
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    Mazda B3000 motor

    I want to know if a motor out of a 2003 Mazda B3000 will fit into a 2003 Ford Ranger 4.0
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    What to do with my wrecked explorer

    Ok, I would like to start off by saying I'm sorry if this isn't the right place for this, I'm new here. So here goes. I purchased my 2001 Ford explorer xlt 5.0l v8, just over a year ago. I loved it and it has done me really well. Well, 2 days ago I got into an accident, and my SUV is not...
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    Motor Swap in 2005 Sport Trac

    Hi all, I have been reading the forums looking for answer and not finding exact answer, my dad is till asking. I have read it is good to swap the 4.0 with 4.0 and not smart for swapping 4.0 with 3.0. But being stubborn as he is, I am now asking the exact question of you guys. Is it possible...
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    whirring noise above 15 mph after motor swap

    I recently swapped a 2004 SOHC for a 1998 SOHC. The 2004 motor blew up from the previous owner and the best block i could find was out of a 1998. When accelerating i am hearing a whirring noise coming from what sounds to be the front of a 2WD truck. I know that there are a few possibilities...
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    03 4.0l to 4.6l swap in a o3 explorer

    Hi everyone i'm new here and was wondering if anyone has done one of these swaps? My work bought a 03 explorer with a bad 4.0l from an auction and then picked up another 03 explorer with a 4.6l by accident apparantly they thought that they had the same motors could have been an expensive...
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    Big Block In 1st Gen?

    Im losing antifreeze in my motor and im starving for power so I was thinking just rip the motor out and replace with something bigger instead of fixing the 4.0 and it still have the power of a smart car. Truck is 4WD and auto. I want to go AT LEAST 351W - 460 while still maintaining 4WD...
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    96 mountaineer v8 5.0 swap from 2005 explorer 4.0

    Is it possible to swap out my 4.0 motor for a v8 5.0 from a 96 mountaineer. I found a really clean motor but not sure if I can make it work... all the accessories look identical.