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  1. M

    Class 2 hitch receiver height problem

    I can't imagine I'm the only person with this problem My class 2 receiver height is 21", my trailer coupler is 12" high. NOBODY offers a 1 1/4" hitch ball mount with a drop of more than 6 inches. E-trailer rep said 3 inches off level is okay, but that leaves the camper's back end 6-7 inches...
  2. 2

    Transmission Mount Opinion

    So I’ve had a vibration in the cabin that’s gotten worse over the years ever since my transmission was lifted off the mount to replace the rear main seal. It’s noticeably worse when in drive or reverse at a stop, but gets better when in park or neutral. Indicating that the vibration occurs when...
  3. 2

    Transmission Exhaust Mount Question

    I’m replacing all of the bushings and hangers on my exhaust and the only one I’m missing now is the one that bolts onto the transmission area. Does anyone know if you just remove the bolt and the bushing bracket comes off? I plan on supporting the exhaust with a jack. I just want to be sure...
  4. D

    Upper starter mounting bolt missing 93 Explorer

    Did my front brakes yesterday. It should have been a moment of relief, but after driving it maybe 50 feet, turning it off, and trying to start it again, I could hear the starter spinning, but no contact with the engine. I initially assumed my starter was bad. After getting a push start, then...
  5. E

    CB Radio Install

    So recently I just installed a cb into my 02 Ex. I wasn’t able to find very many threads on here about installing one but I believe I have a good write up. The hood channel mount, coax cable, and antenna were ordered on Amazon with Prime. They all are Firestik brand. I will post more pics of...
  6. M

    Shaky Engine - Wiggle room

    Hello! Seems like my engine has some wiggle room. When I start the truck -- or shut it off, for that matter -- it sort of "shakes"... When idling, there's an occasional, unpredictable shaky feeling as well. It's not necessarily that it runs rough, but it's like SOMETIMES, some of the...
  7. T

    First Gen Sport Trac Sub-woofer Ideas

    Howdy, I've been trying to plan an audio build for my 01 sport trac for quite a long time and I know I want dual tweets upfront (maybe in the back) and I'd put a set of mids in the doors, that all lovely, but where the heck do people put subwoofers in these things XD! If you guys have subs...
  8. C

    LED Light Bar Mounts

    I've been playing around with the idea of wanting a LED light bar above my windshield on my 96 XLT. Turns out, nobody makes the standard door jamb mounts specifically for them. They do for Rangers, F-150s, etc.. Question is: who has successfully used mounts or brackets designed for the vehicles...
  9. V

    4.0 OHV Oil Filter Mount: quick questions

    Hay explorer forums. I've got a 95' 4.0 OHV Explorer with a small leak that appears to be coming from the oil filter mount (not the filter). I've done some research and have even found another topic to reference. What I need to...
  10. T

    Front Trailer Hitch

    I am looking for a receiver hitch that can mount to the frame in the front of my explorer. It is a 1996 Eddie Bauer w/ 5.0L V8. The lower plastic piece of the bumper has been removed so that it wont be in the way. I have read a few threads and people seem to have installed them but I am worried...
  11. dta74

    97 2-Door and a Thule Rack, Take 2

    Bought a Thule roof rack system as separate parts (used, eBay) for a 97 Explorer 2-door with no stock rack: 400xt towers, 50" load bars, 136 Fit kit (Explorer-specific rubber feet for the towers and hooks for the roof), 477 short roof adapter kit. Managed to get the load bars, towers and...
  12. Suicide77

    Sheared Transmission Mount Bolt

    Is it as simple as unbolting the bolts on either side of the assembly or is there more to the story? Also, any advice to keep from shearing the other bolts? I plan on testing on a pick n pull truck tomorrow, but lets face it, I don't know squat about this part of the vehicle. Thanks for...
  13. J

    Ever had the "Box Truck" noise in your Explorer Sport?

    Hi folks, I hope this finds you well! I have a 2002 Explorer Sport that is all stock, good condition, but one thing plagues me -- when I drive the truck down a bumpy road, it sounds like driving an empty bobtail truck down that road! Very loud, very noisy, very annoying as you can imagine...
  14. B

    Body mount help

    I have a 2001 explorer sport SOHC and i took it to the stealers the other day and they said that I needed to replace all of my body mounts. They gave me a quote for $1400.00 for the parts which is obviously not do-able. I wanted to know: a) If anyone knows of any body mount replacement...
  15. R

    manual transmission mount

    hey guys, as all of us with the hydraulic clutch system - mine is hard to shift. well last week i realized my tranny mount was completely shot (way too much wiggle - stock mount - a 99 with 107,000 miles) so i replaced it yesterday. HUGE difference. she still is a tad rough getting in and out of...
  16. R

    tranny mount

    hey guys, my 1999 sport has the 5speed manual and the tranny mount looks shot and feels loose. i wana just replace it - but all i can find is the mounts for the automatic. so my question is: will the tranny mount from an automatic from the same model year work for the manual transmission as...
  17. F

    Help w/ diff bushings: Ford 8.8 into RX7

    Greetings and Saluations, Funny how car projects lead us to all ends of the internet isn't it? Short story... I work as a mechanical engineer in Southern California and drive a Chevy LS1 powered Mazda RX7 rocking Nissan 350z brakes. I'm looking to upgrade my IRS to the excellent 31...
  18. J

    Gauge pod designs

    I am developing a series of gauge pods for the 95+ Ranger/Explorer. I am already offering this current design and I am about to release a three gauge/double vent design. I have found that not everyone is in love the the small switch/light mounting boss on the current design and I am...
  19. Bed Extender Mounting

    Bed Extender Mounting

    how the bed extender mounts in '01 sport trac
  20. J

    Sway bar end links and bushings need advice.

    I have a 2k exp XLT AWD 5.0. Daily driver. Problem is that for the last 2 years i keep tearing up the upper sway arm bushing (the top one). I noticed that the OEM one had literally sheard the bolt off (no damage to the sway arm). I replaced it with a oem one and after about a year i was doing...
  21. M

    '95 single din installation with Scosche Dash kit

    Help needed from someone, with experinece installing single dins in a 2nd gen explorer. I've bought the Schosche FD1327b dash kit for my new radio, but have a little trouble finding out how to do the right install (Even though it seems pretty much straight forward...) In the kit I have this...
  22. SOA rear shock mount

    SOA rear shock mount

    After spindle lift and SOA
  23. Custom Hi-Lift mount

    Custom Hi-Lift mount

  24. im001154-1


  25. im001148-1