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mountaineer 05

  1. J

    Cross mods with Lincoln aviator and mercury mountaineer

    I was wondering what kind of cross mods are out there for the 3rd gen Explorers using mountaineer and aviators and there benefits and disadvantages
  2. P

    2005 mercury mountaineer AWD issue

    I have a 2005 mercury mountaineer. I recently started having issues with the AWD becoming disabled when driving and then my ABS light comes on and then ADVTrak light. Also I noticed my brakes become real weird and pulsing when I try and stop. The truck is shifting weird and every mechanic I go...
  3. S

    Button harness, 05' Mountaineer, installing CarPlay

    Hi guys, I've been searching the forums for this, I may be using the wrong terminology. I'm installing a Pioneer CarPlay head unit, there's a second set of buttons that are wired on the right hand side of the console, what are these for or what option was it? Anyone know? I appreciate any feedback!!
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    Questions about Towing Capabilities of Stock Mounty

    Alright, here is my situation. I have stock '05 Mounty V6 with the tow package. It has a Class II hitch. I have towed with it before, but nothing over a uhaul trailer loaded with a one bedroom apartment. My wife and I were asked to tow a '73 Mustang project car complete with rebuilt engine...