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mountaineer; explorer; awd

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    1994 Explorer owner with pending purchase of Mountaineer.

    Hello Gents and Ladies.... New to the Forum and happy owner of a 1994 Ford Explorer XLT in all original configuration with exception of modern radio and speakers being installed. The original radio had some display problems and I wanted the ability to play my MP3 through the Aux channel. The...
  2. S

    5.0 mountaineer hard OD up shift downshift ideas?

    Title says it all. On light throttle shifting into over drive the whole truck will sometimes shudder and slowly slip into OD. Also when I hit the gas and make it downshift from OD it will sometimes shift really hard like a short version of the upshift. It has 165k miles and I recently dropped...
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    2000 Mountaineer v. 2000 Explorer Eddie

    Which would be a better buy? I have a choice between a Mount or an Eddie. The Eddie has the heated seats and the reverse sensors, the Mount has a hard load XLT with grey leather, moonroof, and tow package. Does the Mountaineer come from a different plant that tightens the bolts tighter, does...