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  1. C

    Tires for a 2006 ford explorer limited

    My current vehicle has 235/65r18 tires on it. Is it possible to put on a 265/60r18? Or 255/70r18? I'm looking for all terrain tires. I work in residential construction and live in Vancouver bc.
  2. K

    Trail Truck Build

    My 93 explorer has found it s way back to me. I have decided to build a non street legal trail truck. I have lost front WD and and 4 low.need to fix both and decided to go a little crazy. Not a lot:exp::) of money. Any recommendations
  3. 2


    I am stuck in a field 20 minutes out side Cleveland need someone with a winch or someone with super swampers! been stuck for two days already please help!!!! 703-638-5814
  4. B

    Mud Flaps

    Just bought an 05 Limited, and upon driving it home and up my gravel driveway, the fenders and stock running boards got absolutely filthy. I would like to get some mud flaps for the front and rear of it and was wondering if anyone else has run into this predicament and could recommend any...
  5. M

    Ford Explorer as a capable trail/climb rig?

    Okay guys I'll cut to the chase. I want a toy I can drive to the off-road park, beat on a little bit, and drive back home. I have a nice '99 explorer 4x4 as my "daddy ride" that my wife bought new and I can't bring myself to abuse it. So, I have been scouring Craigslist and all of the Jeep...
  6. S

    Necessary Tires?

    Ok, so i just purchased my 1997 Ford Explorer Sport 2Dr. 4x4 and all is well. I have a few friends that want me to go mudding with them, but my tires are not up to standard. So my question would be if i were to buy new tires to go mudding with, (I am thinking Firestone Destinations) would i need...
  7. L


    Well ive been driven this 97 ford explorer for over a year, family owned vahicle with 135000 miles and went muddin for the first time. Did alot better that I thought it would and especially for only a 2wd. pics: I...
  8. S

    1997 XLT, All kinds of mods!

    Hi im 16, this is my first car. I decided to work on it a little. 1997 XLT 4 Door - 2WD Modifications: Popped off running boards Torsion Twist / Warrior Shackles Flowmaster 40 Muffler (stock pipe, cut off behind bumper) Painted all gray trim, flat black (bumpers, trim, etc) Removed...
  9. Mud


    First time I went mudding, got stock. Someone pulled me out with an F250.
  10. X in Alaska

    X in Alaska

    My ride when I was up in good ole Alaska
  11. X in Alaska

    X in Alaska

    My ride when I was up in good ole Alaska
  12. X'ploder Flex 2

    X'ploder Flex 2

    glfredrick's 92 on the trails
  13. X'ploder Flex 1

    X'ploder Flex 1

    glfredrick's 92 on the trails
  14. Mud? Where?

    Mud? Where?

    Easy as mudpie.
  15. on the way in

    on the way in

  16. Quick-Sand!!


  17. muddy


  18. Comparison


  19. Wharton State Forrest (11/03)

    Wharton State Forrest (11/03)

    Ed 2
  20. Wharton State Forrest (11/03)

    Wharton State Forrest (11/03)

  21. Wharton State Forrest (11/03)

    Wharton State Forrest (11/03)

    Just a little muddy after being stuck for nearly 45 minutes at Wharton
  22. Oct 26

    Oct 26

    Jeepers drooling in the backround....
  23. Oct 26 Lebenon

    Oct 26 Lebenon

    Yes... those are 35" tires... yes- the water is over it!
  24. Oct 26 Lebenon

    Oct 26 Lebenon

    He's in there pretty good!
  25. Oct 26 Lebenon

    Oct 26 Lebenon

    Im trying to pull him out some more here.