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nav system

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    Nav/Sync System Problem

    2017 Explorer XLT 4WD w/ Tech bundle & cold weather pkg: About 6 weeks ago our Nav system all of a sudden developed an issue where it seems to 'freeze' for about 5-10 seconds in updating progress on the map. Additionally along with this issue is that the direction & turn voice commands...
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    Navigation Unit INSTALLED (Jukebox OEM type)

    If you are looking to install an OEM Nav unit in your late model Gen 4, check out my (now solved) dilemma in the 'Modified' section titled “The (Navigations) Dilemma!” at I go thru my thinking of OEM vs Aftermarket, the costs...
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    Looking to Explore

    Hello everyone, well I am about to venture into buying a new vehicle and it has come down to an Explorer. The one I am looking at is a 2013 XLT. Very nice vehicle. I would like to add Nav to it so I am hoping to find out how to do that in the forum. Looking forward to the exploration.
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    New Here with Sync Update Issues MFT Nav

    New here. We own a 2010 Edge & 2014 Explorer. I've never had any issues with Sync updates until this brand new one on Ford Owner site for Explorer MFT with VA Nav I'm so frustrated I'm ready to take it to local dealer & say please fix it or replace it (the Sync). Other this new issue we...
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    Explorer Navigation Tracking Problem

    So, I just picked up my 2012 Explorer and I already have a problem. The navigation system thinks the car is in Lake Michigan (nearest city is Chicago - I know where the EX is built) even though I live near Miami. The screen displays no GPS (x across the GPS letter) as if there is no GPS...