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navigation system

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    1993 Ranger XL Supercab CarPC upgrade

    Being my first non-introductory thread, I'll just leave a quick summary of what I did, how I did it and what drove me to do it: I installed a 'rugged' industrial passive cooled PC in my ranger. I found the cheapest option possible, so that if I screwed it up upon install or even after, I wasn't...
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    2007 Sportrac Navigation Updates

    Is there a way of deleting the "agree" button on every start/use of the installed Nav system?
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    Navigation Unit INSTALLED (Jukebox OEM type)

    If you are looking to install an OEM Nav unit in your late model Gen 4, check out my (now solved) dilemma in the 'Modified' section titled “The (Navigations) Dilemma!” at I go thru my thinking of OEM vs Aftermarket, the costs...
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    The Good, The Bad and The Dilemma!

    While new to the forum not new to Explorers. I had a Gen 4, V8 2006 EB that was loaded out with the Nav and DVD, etc. Used it for toy hauling and daily commute until youngest son totaled it. Everyone ok and surprised insurance company did scrap it, but they gave me an above average price...
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    Explorer Navigation Tracking Problem

    So, I just picked up my 2012 Explorer and I already have a problem. The navigation system thinks the car is in Lake Michigan (nearest city is Chicago - I know where the EX is built) even though I live near Miami. The screen displays no GPS (x across the GPS letter) as if there is no GPS...