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    Any way for CarPlay to work on stock 2013 Limited Sony system?

    I'm new to Explorers. In fact I haven't purchased one yet but I plan to in the coming months. I think I understand that some of the 2016 models can be updated to Sync 3 which will then work with Apple CarPlay. I was wondering if CarPlay will work at all on older models, such as the stock Sony...
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    Sync Features Not Available in Motion??

    Hello, As you all know, the standard setup for the navigation and phone are set to be not available when the vehicle is in motion. You can't enter an address while driving down the road so you can navigate to it. I understand the implied safety implications to this logic, however, when someone...
  3. J

    How do i change work Address/location on Nav

    I've done a search and can find no results. I need to change my work address on my nav from the initial one that was set-up....and for the life of me I can't figure out how to do it, I even went to the owners manual and no luck there either.....anybody completed this before???
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    Navigation Unit INSTALLED (Jukebox OEM type)

    If you are looking to install an OEM Nav unit in your late model Gen 4, check out my (now solved) dilemma in the 'Modified' section titled “The (Navigations) Dilemma!” at http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=438639 I go thru my thinking of OEM vs Aftermarket, the costs...
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    Sync MFT Navigation

    To answer your questions regarding navigation in MFT and Sync. If you have purchased a 2011-2014 Explorer or anything with MFT and Sync and it did not have Navigation from the factory there is NO way to turn it on period. The best and least expensive solution if you want navigation in the touch...
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    2014 explorer clock keeps changing

    Hi, I updated my 2014 last week. Since, everytime I start my car the clock displays a different time. I never had an issue. Any ideas? This is frustrating. I have to set the time each occasion. Thank you
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    Controls in motion and IOS in the car

    First - Will Ford ever do an update that gives drivers the option to have full control of the Sync/MyFord Touch system while in motion? Since the Sync system is still glitchy and slow to respond, I find it easier and faster to type what i need rather than talking into it. I'll end up using my...
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    Loading Custom POI for Sync Navigation

    Does anyone know if there is a way to upload custom POI's into a 2011 Explorer navigation system? This is a common feature on most portable (Garmin) GPS systems.
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    GPS for 2002 Explorer

    I have a 2002 ford explorer limited and I have been wanting to add an in-dash navigation system to it since last year. It now has the factory 6 disc cd changer head unit and I want to keep that fetaure. So I did some research and found out that the I can buy a ford factory gps from an '07-'10...
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    Swap am/fm cd for nav on 2010 st limited. Please help!!

    Took nav unit from 09 edge. Have everything working except lights on buttons & microphone for sync. Someone told me I had to rewire steering wheel buttons and replace them. Did that still no microphone.
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    2013 Navigation Issue

    Sorry if this has been asked, I tried a search and didn't find anything. We just purchased a 2013 Ford Explorer. It did not have the Navigation or Remote Start included. The dealer adv us that we could purchase both from them. So we did, they got the Remote start set up (which is just a new set...
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    "NAV SD Card Fault"

    I started my Ex up yesterday after stopping to pick something up and it 'dinged' and popped up a message on the screen that said something like "Nav or Navigation SD Card Fault" ' Please insert Nav SD Card' or some such. It stayed up a while on the screen until I dismissed it. At the next stop...
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    Rearview Camera Problems

    Was running errands, and everything was fine. Except at one point, my backup camera stopped coming on. The sensors still beep, but instead of the camera shot, I get my home screen. And, the Ford logo that normally appears when I start the car, is gone. Anyone else run into this problem...
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    Adding Navigation Later

    Adding Navigation if not factory equipped? I purchased a 2011 XLT with MFT for my wife back in April. The vehicle didn't have navigation enabled from the factory, but the salesman said it could be added just by purchasing the card. The parts counter said that someone had attempted this, but it...
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    For those with Nav ....

    We picked up our Explorer last Friday. From previous test drives and the initial drive at pickup, the little speed limit sign was displayed in the right LCD under the Nav menu (right LCD of main instrument cluster). My wife indicated later in the afternoon there was an automatic MFT update and...
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    Installing aftermarket GPS in 2002 Explorer

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer with an OEM Stereo installed right now. I ordered a standard aftermarket double din GPS navigation system, and while trying to install it, I noticed the harnesses didn't fit, so I figured I would have to solder the wires together. I went to Pep Boys, and they highly...
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    2007 Mountaineer Nav/Stereo question

    Hey guys, New to the forums and had a question about the radio in my new car. I tried searching the forums with no luck. I just got a 2007 Mountaineer Premier which has the navigation system and the subwoofer/audiophile stock stereo. I was thinking of replacing the stock door speakers with...