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    Hello All, It’s good to be here!

    Hey everyone! Been lurking a while, finally decided to join as I have more and more questions. Love my X and have been slowly getting it to a place to do a bit of off-roading. Redoing my whole front end sus, and adding some 31” Wildpeaks. Exhaust and air will be last. Anyway. Glad to be here and...
  2. E

    2001 Explorer Sport Adoption

    New to this great forum! Picked up a NY 2001 Ford Explorer Sport with 130K that was sitting, for couple hundred. I got it started. Couple glitches, Northeast rot, but it seems to run great. I’m learning. Not a gearhead so be kind :-) Kenny
  3. S

    Rim Sizing Help!

    Hello there! I'm new here but have used this forum to help with many things for a couple years now. I'm looking into getting new rims for my mostly stock explorer. (Stock height) And I was looking into getting rims with these specs: 15x7 5x4.5 -6mm offset 3.75" Backspacing It seems that...
  4. R

    Hello I'm new here my name is Robert and I'm from Santa Rosa CA.

    Thanks for having this group its gerat and thanks for the help
  5. K

    Hello from Maryland soon-to-be CO!

    Hey all! I rely on this site so much, figure I’d join the fine folks here and see what I can contribute! I was born in AK and lived there for about 7 years, moved to CO and stayed there for a hot minute before enlisting. Now I’m in Maryland! Separating from the Army this year and taking my...
  6. S

    Hello All!

    New to this forum. Have some questions regarding the Mercury Mountaineer. Looking forward to being a part.
  7. N

    92' Explorer - Installed new BT deck - Won't start now

    I installed a new deck and now my Explorer won't start - I was able to use a jump box to start it .. That lasted about 5 or 7 days .. Now it won't even start with a jump from another vehicle. New battery and terminals .. So I'm stumped. I'm about to give the starter a wack or two. When it's...
  8. M

    How Much Was Your Explorer New?

    I've calculated the cost of ours using the website autoblog and has all options and stuff for our year explorer. Alright so heres the list of options and pricing for each. MSRP Retail $23,045 Comfort Group $1,245 Premium Sport Package $1,100 5 Speed Auto Trans w/OD $1,095 Power Moonroof $800...
  9. A

    New member deciding on 2018 Explorer or waiting on 2019

    Hello everyone, Basically Ive been in the market for a new Explorer for about 4 months. Now I'm at the point of ordering a new 2018 with some added discounts, or wait to see what the 2019 model will include. I wont need the vehicle till around October so I have time. Has anyone heard of any...
  10. G

    New to Explorers and the Forum

    Right out of college I had a 95 Ranger that I loved and wished that I never had gotten rid of it. As time went on and so did a slew of vehicles I always missed my little ford truck. When I decided I wanted a new "beater/project" vehicle I immediately went back to wanting a ford. Of course...
  11. C

    Just Bought a Ford Explorer

    Hi, I just bought a 1991 Ford Explorer EB with factory tow package.... I'm a girl, and this car has service records, no blown head, and low miles on warranty engine.... the tow package should help avoid tranny issues.... it's all about the budget.... no owners manual...unfortunately.... I am...
  12. K

    Custom Order '17 Platinum came in with bad paint job!

    So, I custom ordered a Silver 2017 Platinum back in May and got a call yesterday that it was finally in. Went to the dealership today to pick it up and apparently it came in with a run in the paint on the bottom right of the liftgate. They attempted to buff it out (hoping it would be in the...
  13. T

    New Explorer Owner.

    Hey everyone! New to the Ford Explorer I got sitting outside and this site. Hope I can share the progress with you guys!
  14. 9

    Lift on 1996 2WD Ford Explorer

    What lifts am I looking at if I want to do around 2-4" on my 1996 2WD Ford Explorer XLT with a V6 4.0L. I am considering anything from economy little trick ones to full on body lift packages. New to this off roading world. I know very little so bare with me please. Thanks.
  15. T

    For Sale New 2nd Gen 5.0 Radiator (TYC)

    New, unused, but has sat out of box in a (clean) barn with plugs over fluid ports. Some very small 'dents' in the cooling fins, but nothing that would affect operation. Comes with adapters and radiator cap, will cut off before shipping. $50 shipped, OBO. PM for pictures
  16. C

    New to me 96 Explorer Eddie Bauer

    Greetings and Salutations! I recently acquired a 1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 4WD truck. It was owned by my deceased step father since it was new, then to my mother, and now to me. Cracking a little over 193k miles, it has had the transmission rebuilt, the cluster is going to need to...
  17. G

    That "Hi I'm new here" obligatory thread

    Hi y'all, new guy here, obviously. I got a beautiful 2001 Explorer Sport that is near and dear to me. It's my second vehicle, my first was a '99 Taurus, which sadly, gave up her life earlier this year, when the entire computer system failed and my local Pull-a-part, didn't have one to replace...
  18. O


    Hows it going, new member here. Got a 97 Ford Explorer Sport in white, manual. Love it!
  19. D

    Hello Everyone (L.A)

    Hello members, I have been on this thread but haven't posted because of work. Now that I'm done with my current job, I have some time to experience the fun of this community. I still have to up my 1993 Explorer XLT but with all of your help I can get it to my beauty I dream of. Thank you for...
  20. The top of the new shock.

    The top of the new shock.

  21. The bottom of the new shock.

    The bottom of the new shock.

  22. New & old shock comparison.

    New & old shock comparison.

  23. New & old caliper comparison.

    New & old caliper comparison.

    Clamp the brake line while replacing the caliper to prevent brake fluid from draining out of the master cylinder.
  24. The old & new power plugs.

    The old & new power plugs.

  25. New & old accumulators.

    New & old accumulators.