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    Hello, I'm a Newbie! Ready to purchase PIU, but need to be educated...

    Hi, I've been doing lots of reading here, but there is still so much to learn. I have two close friends who have both bought PIU's from Jacky Jones in Cleveland, GA. and I will probably buy mine from there as well as I live in North Ga. I'm a HAM radio guy and volunteer with ARES and local...
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    Been Here but

    Hello, I've been here for a while now but never signed in :|) (Procrastinator Problems) Anyways I've been working on Fords for several years now, from a 95 Explorer V6 that I replaced head gaskets on, my own 2000 Grand Marquis 4.6L that I replaced all top end gaskets, to my sister's 02...
  3. T

    First post. Thoughts please? Front left whirring

    First post although searched many issues the last few years I've owned my x. 2003 limited v8. 232k miles and counting. Been fighting what has seemed to be a wheel bearing noise the past few months. Usually do most of work myself but had a known trustworthy mechenic do a rear left bearing a month...
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    Ford Newbie

    Bought my first Ford and it's not exactly a new one so may need some help from you experienced members ... her name is Daisy and she is a 96 Explorer Sport 2Dr 4WD 5sp 4.0V6. I will try and post pics and posts of my add ons and repairs. Have a Blessed day and happy motoring everyone!
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    Newbie Explorer Owner

    Newbie here. So far loving my 2017 Ford Explorer XLT.
  6. D


    Just joined the Explorer Forum. Currently have a 16 Explorer XLT EcoBoost Silver on Black. Mods completed: - HID Fog Lights - LED Mirror Puddle Lights - LED License Plate lights - Wheel Skins (dealer actually added them when purchased) - Blacked out hitch molding trim from chrome to black Next...
  7. C

    New to me 96 Explorer Eddie Bauer

    Greetings and Salutations! I recently acquired a 1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 4WD truck. It was owned by my deceased step father since it was new, then to my mother, and now to me. Cracking a little over 193k miles, it has had the transmission rebuilt, the cluster is going to need to...
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    New guy

    Found the forum while trying to find out some info on my 05 Sport Trac. Have been following it for awhile and have been finding Honest & Truthful Information, something that is hard to come by from a Dealership. It's helped me catch them red faced more than once. Now I've hit 50,000 miles and am...
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    My First Car: 1996 Ford Explorer XLT

    Hey guys, I'm so glad to have stumbled across this site. The amount of knowledge and helpfulness from this community is humbling. Anyway, I've been driving my family's 96' Explorer XLT since I got my license in high school. I'm a competitive rock climber and I've been living out of the back...
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    Hi. Thanks for letting me join. I'm sure I'll find some great info here. I'm a second and third generation owner who is considering a fifth gen. My second gen was a manual tranny and I loved it. My third gen is new to me and I'm excited to have it. I'm the second owner and just bought it...
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    Ordered 2016 Ford Platinum on 1/29/2015...

    Hi all... A newbie to the forum...long time reader/first time poster! We ordered our 2016 metallic white w. black interior leather seats etc. on January 29/15. The salesperson gave me a build date of March 7/16. I have the VIN but can't find any site to follow it along from start to...
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    Good Morning, Newbie I the house!

    Hello all, just wanted to take a minute to say hi & introduce myself. Hi, I'm Michael, I've been a registered member for a couple years, however I've never did the new member introduction. I own 2 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorers. My wife drives the 91 4x4, I drive a 95 2wd. Hers is primarily stock...
  13. B

    Colorado 02 X XLT HI!

    trying to piece together things i want to do to my XLT. I've seen a lot of google search of "Jarvis" i like the LED headlight mod. and Some rim suggestions. I need help with some of the favorites!!
  14. R

    New here from NC

    Just introducing myself here I'm Mike from NC my current daily driver is a 1998 Explorer with 352K miles. I am a explorer lover and own many I watch craigslist and when the trannys break I save them.
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    choice: repair 1999 V6 ~165K loose timing chain vs buy used 2000 XLS at ~175K miles

    (reposted from my new members post with more info since then) Hi all, I've read for advice on this website many times for guidance on issues with my truck. So I'm asking for advice on my scenario: I have a 1999 V6 Eddie Bauer ~165K miles been driving about 5-6 years. I'm not a proficient...
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    1999 V6 Eddie Bauer ~165K loose timing chain vs used 2000 XLS at ~175K miles

    Hi all, I've read for advice on this website many times for guidance on issues with my truck. So I'm asking for advice on my scenario: I have a 1999 V6 Eddie Bauer ~165K miles been driving about 5-6 years. I'm not a proficient mechanic. It has a loose timing chain. Estimate is $1500 to...
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    Great Site

    Hey everyone, I'm James and I just bought a 1997 Ford Explorer. Hope to utilize this site as there are some problems with the vehicle :( Great to be a part of this wonderful community as it has already taught me to reset my keyless entry!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!! :thumbsup: :D :exp:
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    Hello fellow explorers

    Hi, Im a long time owner of a 94 Explorer XLT. We love our SUV. Now I come for info on some rather deferred maintenance. I hate sensors and sending unit, but it part of the deal. Thanks In advance for the help I know I'll receive. Robert
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    Newbie Could Use Any Help At All PLEASE

    Ok so I am the proud new owner (My first one ever) 1996 Ford Explorer Limited AWD, 5.0, 4 door, that's in great shape and only has 85K original miles. :D:D:D This is my first post here and im new to when it comes to suspension, lift kits, ect, ect, ect. Im not going to be doing any off roading...
  20. B

    new guy here

    I just bought a 1995 Explorer from my sister for 500.00 dollars, that's the good part. It runs decent but the transmission feels mushy and like its slipping. I'm going to have to replace the windsheild and possibly the front passenger door but I got a junkyard close by where I can get parts...
  21. A

    Hello from AZ!

    Heya guys! I'm no stranger to Explorers, but I'm new to the forums! I'm also new driver as well, so try not to hate me for being naive at times. I'm from AZ, and my family has blessed me with their old 2001 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer. It's bone stock, except for some high performance shocks that...
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    The New Guy

    Hey All! I'm waiting on my new truck. It's a super duty, not an Explorer. I'm here for the knowledge and general interest and look forward to the time I spend here.-Anthony :D
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    building a 97 ford explorer

    building a 97 explorer sport. 4.0 sohc, 4.10 gears fair body. adding new rocker panels pipe front and rear bumbers. driving and offroad lights. front TT and back add-leaf. 265 75 16 on stock wheels. for now this will be my winter running truck. driving 400 plus miles a week. in the spring i...
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    robs99xsport's 99 Explorer Sport "Leroy"

    robs99xsport's 99 Explorer Sport "The Exploder" Hey guys I'm new so let me explain myself. I got into off roading after my grandfather got a jeep. I should tell you my name tho: I'm Robbie, a junior in high school, and my first car is my 99 x. I love it. it came with Goodyear Wrangler ATs. Of...
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    Hi, I've just recently began to appreciate Ford Rangers.

    I'm David, 20 years old, and am about to graduate college. I've just recently realized that I like the idea of modifying and customizing vehicles. I am not familiar with basic mechanics. I do however have sufficient interest. My parents were gracious enough to buy me a 2007 Ranger 2WD 4 cyl. as...