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no start

  1. E

    2002 Explorer XLT no start

    Hey y’all! So I’m at a loss and hoping you guys can help! I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L V6 with around 195,000 miles on it. Truck was running great! My wife ran across town(5 miles roughly) to get the in laws and on her way home she stopped at a red light and when she went to take off the...
  2. B

    Ford Explorer 2008 Stops while driving make long crank with single ignition click

    While driving the car stops suddenly. One click on ignition makes long crank. Anybody have the idea for what causes this issue. Thanks in Advance
  3. R

    Starting Issue

    I've got an 06 Explorer Limited with the 4.0, I turn the key and nothing happens, other than relay click. I've replaced the starter, battery, battery cables, ignition switch, neutral safety switch and still won't do anything. Could it be the key? I've been stuck for months and don't know where...
  4. T

    2006 Explorer XLT - New Battery Swap, Now Will Not Start

    Disconnected the old battery and went shopping for a new one. Hour and a half later, installed new battery but it won't start. Checked both fuse boxes and no blown fuse(s). Checked inertia fuel button, okay. The PATS Sys, LED seems to be working correctly. Crank the engine, I hear the...
  5. J

    No start no crank.

    Pin 3 is getting over 12v. When I jump 3 to 5 the engine cranks and starts. I've tried 5 relays and I've tested this last one on the wipers and it works. When the key is in the cranking position pins 1 to 2 only get 10vs as where the 1 to 2 pins on the wipers and fog light relays get 12v. I...
  6. E

    Cranks, pops, no start....

    Well, it just died. It was sitting there idling while I shut the gate. It stumbled a few times, then in about 3 sec, it quit. Will not re-start, but when I try to crank it, it cranks strong, as usual, it actually “starts” for maybe 1 or 2 hits/cylinder firings, then stops firing. It still...
  7. S

    2003 Sport Trac - Crank no Start - Intermittent

    After a few stops this afternoon, my Sport Trac will crank and not start. It cranks, and sounds like it is getting fuel, then dies; shutters and sputters a bit. It has done this 3 times now, and then starts right up the next morning. The battery is producing 12.4V resting. Anti-theft...
  8. kmac59

    Explorer Cranks But Wont Start

    I've been having this issue for quite some time. Thursday was 4th time for 2015 Limited it to be towed back into the dealer. The 1st or 2nd time, they replaced everything in the fuel system trying to figure out the issue. 3rd time, they get off tow truck, it starts right up. They have it for...
  9. M

    2002 EB Crank/no-start vinE 4.0 SOHC fuel pressure puzzlement

    Greetings all! Several years back, replaced fuel pump, all was well. Now a overly detailed history of current situation: late last year, was nearly out of gas and got a few gallons from a station with paper signs saying no gas and tanker was filling their inground tanks. Had no choice due to...
  10. T

    06 Mountaineer No Spark after changing Gaskets..

    So it all started with what I believed to be a vacuum leak. Although I couldn't seem to find it anywhere, then I came across lots of people saying that it was common for the Intake Manifold Gaskets to leak and cause a vacuum leak. So that's what I set out to change. After hours of actually...
  11. mfitz725

    No Start Issue 99 Limited UPDATED

    Hi everyone. I was having an issue with the Explorer SOHC 4.0 not wanting to restart when it was warm. Was cranking fine cold (other than needing new intake seals-thats next) and most times it took 2-3 tries to restart it when warm. Then suddenly one day it didn't want to start at all. I kept...
  12. C

    1992 Explorer Fuel Pump Staying On, No Start

    Hey all, This post is for the sake of sharing a fix that worked for me. I recently purchased this '92 XLT, manual. It's my second Explorer. I purchased a '93 XLT with manual hubs and a manual transmission and that's gone through two starters now and with the new one I have no desire to fix the...
  13. M

    02 Exp Crank No Start No Tach Mvmnt

    Parked my 02 Exp Sunday,came out Monday to go to work,crank,no start,no tachometer movement. It has been getting harder to start the last couple of weeks, and thrice over that 2 weeks when it started it shook hard,and 1 time I shut it down, another I didnt and it smoothed out, another it...
  14. R

    Need Help with PATS system

    I lost the key to my Merc and wanna know if I can carb swap it and run the truck it's only a woods/farm truck already have all the ignition switches wired to a switch and the truck will crank but no start, if I spray starting fluid in the intake it will fire but no start because of pats. Love...
  15. R


    2008 Ford Explorer 4.0, wouldn't start, couldn't hear the fuel pump so I changed that. Started right up, I shut it off put my tools away. Started out back up went to my Uncle's. Started about an hour. Started right up when I left his house after an hour. Next morning, wouldn't start. Replaced...
  16. C

    Explorer doesn't crank

    My sister drove her car to work parked it and turned it off, hours later after work she got back into her car went to start it up, the lights worked, the radio works, the engine didn't turn over, replaced the starter and starter solenoid (both 1 piece) with new parts, still didn't turn over...
  17. B

    Another no start

    My gf gf bought this used 2004 Eddie Bauer explorer 4.6l and in less than a week it's dead. She drive it to work and about 50 yards from her work it went low on power, started making a "clicking" noise (unfortunately I was not there to hear it) and died. Since then it will not restart. A quick...
  18. G

    2006 Explorer 4.0 6 cylinder won’t start - fuel

    The truck ran fine then one day just quit, wouldn’t start again. I have shot starter fluid into the air intake, it runs for a few revs. I have replaced the fuel pump, filter. Any ideas, next steps?
  19. D

    After Attempted Theft, Not starting. No obd2 codes

    My ex tried to steal my 01 Explorer. He drilled out the ignition, in the process he broke the pats transceiver.. After a failed attempt he broke the 2 side, tail gate and driver passenger windows. He threw the original key in the lake when he realized he had it , tried to use it and couldn't...
  20. T

    Cranking No Start, Intake Backfiring, Help!!

    Hi all, I have a 1999 Ford Explorer that I swapped 2001 engine into. Both the old and the new engine are the 4.0L SOHC, old one just blew a head gasket and the lower milage engine was a better deal. So after plenty of late nights I successfully got the truck going, and took it around the block a...
  21. J

    99 5.0 Died, won't crank.

    My wife's 99' Eddie Bauer suddenly died yesterday when she was turning around in the driveway and won't turn over. When you go to try and start it one of three things will happen; just the starter relay clicks, the starter relay and the solenoid click, or the starter actually engages for less...
  22. J

    Explorer Shut Off On Highway With Reduced Engine Power

    Been trying to figure this out for a few weeks now, being busy with a baby and all is kind of hard to get this done, pulled the valve covers to check the timing chains. They Seem Ok, One Chain in the rear has a small amount of slack on one side, the other (the side with the tensioner) will not...
  23. C

    No start

    Check inertia switch
  24. B

    1993 Explorer XLT - Garaged for ten years

    I’m new to the forum and reading all the experiences here has been super helpful. Short Version - What do you think of the engine sounds in these videos: Just inherited a 1993 Explorer XLT and have had a heck of a time trying to get running. I live in New York and the Explorer sat in my...
  25. A

    No Spark or Fuel

    Hi there. I have a 2000 Explorer V6 OHV 4x4 with a 5speed manual tranny. The other day driving to work it died on me. just cut out in the middle of 4th at like 2.2k RPM. truck was running smooth before with no lights and no issues at all I notice that i still have oil pressure when I go to turn...