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not working

  1. K

    Rearview Camera Problems

    Was running errands, and everything was fine. Except at one point, my backup camera stopped coming on. The sensors still beep, but instead of the camera shot, I get my home screen. And, the Ford logo that normally appears when I start the car, is gone. Anyone else run into this problem...
  2. S

    Lift gate will open but NOT the rear window?

    No problem with the lift gate operation but the rear window will no longer pop open. I can hear the actuator when I hit the rear window button on the lift gate but nothing else happens. The gas struts on the lift gate and rear window where changed out last year. The actuator sounds just like...
  3. S

    Front Wipers on 2002 4.6L Explorer stopped working

    My front windshield wipers stopped working on my 2002 4.6L eddie bauer explorer. The washer sprays. I checked the fuse (#8) and it is good. I tested the run/park and high/low relays by putting them in the fog lamp relay position and verifying the fog lamps still worked. I checked the 5-pin...
  4. NickyB

    [Solved] 2016 Explorer Remote Start Problem

    Hi Everyone, I was not able to find a thread that seemed to align specifically with my issue. I have a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport 401A Package. This means it has the wireless key FOB with the factory installed remote starter and perimeter alarm. I recently used ForScan to remove the double honk...
  5. T

    Windshield wipers stopped working and all I hear is a clicking noise

    My windshield wipers quit working on me and now I just hear a clicking noise. I live in WASHINGTON, need help ASAP. Lol I have tried to search the forums but have not had much luck with my problem. I still have fluid coming out and the rear windshield wipers work. I can't even move the wipers up...
  6. T

    Driver door interior Unlock function not working.

    On my 1997 ford explorer My drivers side interior door unlock feature does not work. I can use the interior lock to lock all the doors, but I cannot unlock it. the passenger side both functions work. the Keypad works to lock/unlock the doors, same with the factory keyfob, and the aftermarket...
  7. T

    2006 Explorer Radio Wont Turn On

    Hello all, I recently had an alternator replaced as well as a new battery on my 2006 Explorer. After the alternator was replaced, the only electrical issue I had was with my Kenwood Radio not turning on. I've got a KDC-X595. I checked all of the fuses, and none are blown. Is there...
  8. A

    What is wrong with my Explorer?

    We have a '97 Explorer with multiple issues that I believe are probably connected, just not even sure where to start. We don't have a lot of money, so would love to troubleshoot/fix ourselves if possible. We've had the truck about 2 years and all this started about 6 months ago... The first...
  9. A

    gas mileage/electrical?

    I drove my 91 2 door sport about 30 minutes then shut it off. about an hour later, I started it up and the radio, blinkers(not the emergency flashers), power windows, and fan panel did not work. I drove for about 10 minutes then shut it off. about 2 hours later I started it and everything...
  10. B

    headlight issues need help asap

    both my headlights stopped working the other day, but im confused because my flash to pass still works, and all my fuses are fine, but they just dont turn on. it cant be my switch because i have my fog lights wired into my headlight circuit so they turn on with my lights, but they dont go...
  11. K

    Tip: Hazard lights work, turn signals don't

    I decided I would post this simply because this was an annoying issue for me that took lots of discussing to figure something very simple out. I'm a newbie when it comes to repairing cars, especially when it comes to anything electrical so forgive me if this sounds stupidly easy. If your hazard...
  12. S

    please help!! 1997 ford explorer GAS GAUGE --- and o2 sensors

    Hi there, i have a ford explorer 1997 4x4 SOHC with 105,000 miles. recently had lots of work done, new tranny, shocks, tires, and more little stuff. Now my gas gauge is EXTREMELY INACCURATE. As i am driving it is constantly moving, overtime i brake it goes up, when i access it goes dow...
  13. T

    Lower brake lights don't work

    Hi, New to the forums but I've been reading for like the last week or so about my issue and have yet to find a fix so I'm making this thread. Here's my issue: My 98 Explorer XLT doesn't have working lower brake lights. The upper one at the top of the back window works while driving but...
  14. T

    Turn signals don't work

    A couple days ago I was driving to Rausch Creek Off Road Park and my turn signals started to work intermitently. They started to make a loud fuzzy noise and they were'nt signalling. Throughout the day, They would work for a little while, then do that fuzzy thing and not signal. On the way back...
  15. C

    My 98 xlt reverse lights do not work... any ideas?

    for some reason when i put my truck in reverse the reverse lights do not work, and i have no clue why i tested the bulbs off of the battery and both bulbs are good does anybody have any idea why they are not turning on?
  16. A

    97 Ranger Won't go into 4x4, manual hubs

    Hello. I have a 97 Ranger super cab XLT that will not go into four wheel drive. I have already converted the auto hubs to Warn manuals, they have always worked fine. The problem is that when I turn the switch on the dash the four wheel drive indicator lights on the instrument panel do not...