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od off

  1. S

    2002 Expo cooling system boiling and OD OFF light flashing

    I am having some issues with my 02 Expo, 4.0L v6. First, some background. I bought it last April (so ~16 months ago) and it had a thermostat housing leak. Not a big one, so I didn't get around to fixing it until a few months ago. In that time I drove the truck thousands of KM without an issue...
  2. J

    5R55S Occasional No 5th. Recent P0775

    Hello, I'm still searching the forum for this issue and am well aware of the common issues with this trans but wondering if anyone has info on this specific situation. I have a very late 2002 Explorer (8/2002) 4.0 5R55S with 209K miles. About once a week for the last month I get the "OD...
  3. L

    O/D OFF light flashing intermittently

    I bought a 99 Eddie Bauer SOHC with 151k on it, previous owners maintenance unknown. The trans code on the sticker is a D, I have checked around and what I can find here says I have a "4R44E/5R55E" or according to the trans code "A5LDE/5R44/55E". How do I tell which transmission I have? Nothing...