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    My digital odometer & clock stopped working suddenly.

    Hello! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I recently did some work on my Aerostar (plugs, coils, leads) so I assume I disconnected something by accident. My dimmer and interior lights still work. The digital odometer is not displaying any data, and the clock radio does not work...
  2. T

    Solved Odometer stopped working

    Okay so I have a 96 XLT and the odometer has stopped working. Occasionally it starts up again for about 5 miles then stops again. The Speedometer is works as it always has. That probably means the VSS and back circuit board is fine, right? Every thread I've seen says the problem should point...
  3. M

    2004 Explorer Odometer Flickering and Oil Pressure Gauge not working

    I have a 2004 explorer 4.0L v6 and I installed some new JDM ASTAR T1 9006 All-in-One Upgrade Vision White LED Headlight Bulbs and after that my odometer started flickering and the pretty much became gibberish. Sometimes the odometer is correct when I start up my car but once I start driving it...
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    95 explorer odometer

    I took apart the cluster and found that the worm gear on the step motor was broken , all other gears were working fine .I replaced the worm gear and the odometer starting working fine for only about 4 months . Thinking it was a gear again ,I took the cluster out all gear were fine . I took the...
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    Gremlins in Speedometer/Odometer

    My speedometer/odometer is having an intermittent problem. Most of the time they work OK, but every so often, they just stop. I notice that the speedometer needle goes all the way to zero and the odometer stops turning over. Sometimes it will stop and start repeatedly then just quit. When I...
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    VSS question

    I have a 1996 Ford Explorer 4x4 and the speedo works for about 5-10 mins of driving then bounces a lot and then completely stops. The odometer doesn't work at all. So I was wondering if someone could guide me on how to replace this myself. Pics, explanations, location of this thing. Will I lose...
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    Speedometer Works But Odometer Does Not

    This is my first post on here and I've used the explorer forum countless times for all of my problems but I am at a stalemate. Out of the blue my 97 Explorer xlt 5.0 AWD odometer has stopped working with ~107000 miles. I thought that it was the worm gear, like many other people have delta with...
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    Cluster Replacement and Odometer Reading

    Hi all, I recently swapped out my instrument cluster due to the gauges not reading properly. This is on a 2003 Explorer XLT. Install went well and everything works great, only issue is the odometer. It now reads exactly 30k less (coincidence or other issue I'm not sure) than it did with the...
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    96 Exp LTD odometer & speedometer don't work

    The check engine light is on & the code reader gave me a P0500, which indicates an issue with a speed sensor.
  10. D

    How Many Miles are on Your Explorer?

    How many miles do you have on your Explorer. Mine is a 1992 XLT and has about 220,147 on it.
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    speedometer is not working properly

    my odometer recently stopped working, and so I replaced the worm gear but now my speedometer is not working properly. I feel that its saying im going faster than I really am, and when I come to a complete stop it will only go down to 20 mph. It was working perfectly fine before I changed the...
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    my odometer/trip stop work

    People my odometer stop to work, maybe because i pulled out 2 bulbs from the cluster? i remove high and low lights(4x4) because it dont work and the lights bother me, i did 2 weeks ago, but now i noticed my odometer and tripmeter doest work. help me. thanx:exporange
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    2005 XLS Odometer Problem

    Hello, I apologize in advance if this has already been answered. I've been looking for an answer. I have a 2005 XLS with the digital message center. My problem is that while the odometer and trip meter are still lit, they are not registering any new mileage. Would the resoldering trick people...
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    1997 Explorer Eddie Bauer

    :salute:Hello Ford Enthusiasts! Im Tee, new to this forum. Just bought my used Explorer for $500 in October. Replaced windshield, tires, brake pads, fluids and filters. Took a leap of faith and Eddie took me all the way to Ohio from Va and back. Oh yeah, had that Lamp Out Module problem with...
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    Gauges are wacky!

    1996 Explorer XLT 4.0L I began this saga trying to fix an instrument cluster where the odometer and trip meter did not work and the tachometer worked intermittently. All other gauges worked correctly. I bought a used cluster, removed the old one and replaced it with the one I recently...
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    Odometer Tell-Tale

    I'm curious, looking around the forums and searching the internet I haven't been able to find anyone who seems to know that the Pre-1994 Ford 5-digit odometers have a tell-tale for when they have rolled over 100,000 miles. On the left hand side of the 1/10ths number (white) a wear indicator...
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    Help!! Dash lights gone crazy

    Ok i have an 02 explorer eddie eddition v8 and have been noticing my lights on my dash (odometer) they flicker on and off every 5 min when driving. So i am wondering whats up with that?
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    Odometer and Tripometer has stopped working

    The other day me and my buddies changed the spark plugs and an oxygen sensor for my explorer so I could pass emissions. Ford did not make those spark plugs and oxygen sensors easy to change let me tell you. So through the combination of disconnecting the battery and having to force our way into...