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  1. Bobs2018ExplorerSport

    For Sale Set of (5) Like-New Ford Explorer PIU or Sedan Steel Wheels with Tires - SOLD!

  2. B

    Installing OEM tonneau cover on 2002 Sport Trac

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum and appreciate all the help I can get. I recently purchased a 2002 Explorer Sport Trac and was able to locate a factory tonneau cover off of another 2002. I purchased the cover after it was already removed from original vehicle. My question is which way the...
  3. H

    OEM Steering Wheel Control Upgrade?

    Hi all, I was poking around a junkyard for various things for my dad's Tacoma (which I didn't find. sad day) and I came across a 2003 mountaineer with the better steering wheel controls for a whopping $4 per switch. I currently just have the cruise control buttons in my Explorer and I picked...
  4. T

    Explorer Battery Life Expectancy

    Okay Explorer Nation, I need some feedback on what I should expect for Battery Life. Its been 16 years since I purchased an aftermarket battery. I ran Town Cars for years who's OEM battery's would last 10 Yrs, in Ohio. My 2012 Explorer is showing signs the battery is dying. 4years in Ohio and...
  5. M

    2002 Explorer Maintenance Help

    Hello all! I'm looking for suggestions and perspective on my DIY maintenance efforts. Hopefully, providing more information will be better than less. Some background: I started working on my wife's 2002 Explorer, after we got married last year. It is the XLT V6 4x4, and has about 123k on the...
  6. Mr_Fruffles

    For Sale 2011-2015 Ford 18 X 8 OEM RIMS (mint) + Tires $500 (Denver)

    $500 P245/60 R18 Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tires with 20K miles on them. (Tread = 7-8/32) Manufacturer Part Number: BB531007CA Rim Material: Alloy Rim Width: 8 Rim Diameter: 18 Number of Bolts: 5 Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3, 5x115 Only selling because I wanted black rims with all terrain tires.
  7. Catching some sun

    Catching some sun

    The beast in her natural habitat
  8. H

    Question about the Factory Subwoofer

    So I am casually pondering the idea of adding the original factory subwoofer to my 04 XLT. Most of what I've found online says I should buy a new aftermarket sub and an enclosure to fit it. I have seen various listings on eBay for anywhere from $50 to $100 for the factory subwoofer and...
  9. D

    OEM or used body parts - where?

    I have just imported a Ford Explorer 2016 to Poland. Left doors together with a central pillar are damaged. Where is the best place to get OEM or used parts? I bet the shipping costs might be a bit pricey- am I right? Any advices?
  10. W

    aftermarket AC Parts Reviews?

    I'm getting ready to revive the AC on a 1997 Mounty 5.0. The accumulator has rusted through, but I haven't dug much deeper yet to see the orifice tube. I started researching, and the accumulator prices range from 20.00 for a Four Seasons aftermarket to 100.00 for Motorcraft. The compressor is 15...
  11. W

    Help Installing OEM Entertainment

    I just bought a 2004 Explorer for a family vehicle and to pull my camper this year. I have three daughters and need some entertainment for the road. My XLT has a sunroof and I found an OEM entertainment system for sale from a salvaged explorer. My Questions: The entertainment system...
  12. C

    For Sale 03 Struts

    I'm swapping out my struts this weekend for a new set of Rancho quick lift Loaded Struts. The struts have 96K miles on them and appear to be in half decent shape. None of the coils are broken and none of the shocks are blown. If anyones interested in them, shoot me an email. [email protected]
  13. O

    2002 EB. OEM Leather seats out of production.

    Ford stopped making the leather replacement seat covers for the 2002 EB in 2009. After buying two sets of leather EB seats on EBay that were in horrible condition, but advertised as good, visiting wrecking yards in LA and Ventura counties, I'm resigned to spending $2,000. to have the two front...
  14. J

    need help with recall

    I have purchesed a 2003 explorer xlt rebuilder. i replaced rear hatch and left taillight. i have come across some snags and would like some advice. iv posted threads and no ones been a big help. I was wondering if any body knows if i can go to the dealer and have my hinges replaced on my hatch...
  15. OEM Rear Wing 3

    OEM Rear Wing 3

  16. OEM Rear Wing 2

    OEM Rear Wing 2

  17. OEM Rear Wing 1

    OEM Rear Wing 1

  18. OEM rear bumper bracket

    OEM rear bumper bracket