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    Extender e brake cable/ replacement

    Hey yall, i have a lifted first gen and need a part number for my e brake cable, i had to cut it when i lifted it, skyjacker 6” lift, cut the intermediate cable because it was dragging, 93x 2dr sport
  2. Minor Changes.jpg

    Minor Changes.jpg

    The Junker
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    Overland(ish) Build Log

    My first post in the forum and I figured id start a log of my build. Its pretty far along now, so next posts will be going into more detail on jobs I've already done. Shes a 2009 Eddie Bauer, with just about every option you could option in 2009. It has the 4.6 v8, with 4x4. I bought the truck...
  4. C

    99 RWD Explorer Offroad Build

    Hey Everyone, new to the threads. I have a 99 Explorer RWD Sport and am getting my research done on how to turn this into a semi-Prerunner. Im looking to just buy decent offroad type suspension front and rear as well as beefing up the leaf springs and most likely taking them to get re-arched. Im...
  5. A

    What are the best first steps to take?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 2001 Explorer Sport 4WD. I used to have a Mustang so the difference in space and handling is immense! I've already purchased new rims, tires, and a front grill guard. But what else (besides a lift) would you guys recommend for offroad/convenience for a first-time...
  6. S

    A nice off-road bumper option for those willing to fabricate a mounting bracket.

    Hey guys for any of you interested in custom offroad winch bumpers willing to fabricate mounting brackets I had really good success with this one made for a Jeep XJ and it's only $265 but really good heavy duty quality. I did have to cut the lower part of the body panel right above the bumper...
  7. Z

    Wheel and Tire combo?

    I’m curious on wether or not anyone would have some information on the smallest wheel biggest tire combo that can be put on a stock suspension 2018 expo base. Also open to some suggestions on all terrain tires that you guys have experience using.
  8. J

    4wd / AWD off

    2012 Ford Explorer xlt 4wd 3.5L (non flexfuel, non eco) So while driving hard on dirt roads or while inducing wheelspin in any of the terrain management modes the vehicle with thro a warning on the dash saying 4wd off and go into a fwd only mode. I have to turn off the vehicle about 10-15sec...
  9. X

    Modifying 2008 Ex 4x4

    Hey I need some assistance with lifting or installing a leveling kit. I want to make my Ex better with offroading and trail riding. Because of how the suspension is set up, a suspension lift is not an option. Or is it? I take it offroad when I can and Ive only neem stuck a few times. Also, as...
  10. J

    Wassup from TX

    Wassup names Jarrid and I own an 02 explorer 2 door I’m here for information that will help build my explorer into an off-roader!
  11. B

    My 2004 Explorer Project

    Hey Guys...I am a new member to the forum only picked this truck up 2-3 months ago So i just wanted to share my progress on it as i go...I am only a 17 year old kid so kind of a budget build here have done some work just need to get some pictures and ill post them some things that were...
  12. 9

    After Market Bumpers

    So I'm looking for aftermarket rear and font bumpers. I've done a little research and it looks like there isn't many options for off roading ones. Does anyone have some bumpers they're trying to get rid of, know where to get some, or have a DIY idea for it? Thanks
  13. C

    Ford Explorer

    Hello there, I recently bought a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT. I want to know if I can disable auto4wd? And if I can install manual hubs? If not are the hubs vaccuum? Also, will a Ford Ranger moon visor fit the Explorer?
  14. N

    Finding a Moonvisor

    I've got my vehicle which is my 2000 Ford Explorer XLT. I have installed a brush guard, KC HiLites, and a trusty CB from my dad. I personally think that my rig would look a whole lot better if I installed a moonvisor. But, they are really hard to find! I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on...
  15. A

    2nd Gen Tow Hooks, My Solution

    I know others have touched on the topic of tow hooks, but I figured my solution might help others and I think it looks great. (Plus this will let me test out imgur) I purchased my hooks off an Expedition and F150 at the junk yard and used hot rolled steel as spacers to drop them to whatever...
  16. P

    Explorer second gen on 33's?

    I wonder what rimsize and offset i need to fit my 33x14,5x15" tires on my stock Explorer Xlt? I am going to do the torsion twist as well and some cutting in the trim if necessery.
  17. F

    Problems finding correct parts

    Hello! I have a 2002 Ford Explorer sport 2 door and I can't for the life of me ever find the correct parts ford off road conversion and i thought coming here would help tremendously
  18. A

    Problem with the off-road terrain option ?

    Today my Explorer (2012 Limited Edition) got stuck in some thick sand, and the front left (driver side) tire was complete stuck in the sand. But the other 3 wheels were not stuck as much while the read two wheel were on hard sand and seemed to have perfect traction as they were not slipping or...
  19. T

    Suspension Upgrade

    Hey Guys! I have a 99 4.0 SOHC 2WD that im looking to upgrade the front suspension on. Its near stock, just has a simple lift with fox shocks on it but looking for a kit to basically replace a lot of the stock components that seems to be slowly but surely going out on me. What kits are out...
  20. R

    Tire Size Question

    Okay so I'm looking at a set of Firestone Destination A/Ts, the size I really want is 265/75/16. So the question is, after I order them am I gonna have to wait on my lift and spacers to mount them, or do you think I could for them for a while under stock suspension? I've got a 2006 Xlt
  21. D

    Where to put the wires? Overhead Off-Road Lights

    A friend recently hooked me up with 2 pairs of Blazer International C9002K Baja lights. It comes with wires and they're even jacketed. I'm planning on mounting the lights themselves to the front of my gear basket on the roof of the Explorer. What I was wondering is where you guys have run...
  22. G

    doorless/off road build

    okay so i'm looking into doing two things: going doorless and building an off road explorer. i have an 04 explorer xlt. first, has anyone attempted going doorless with their explorers? if so, any advice? second, i know i have to swap out the front diff if i want to be able to make it through a...
  23. A

    new guy with a ?

    well i don't currently have an explorer, but that is the reason im on the forum. i have decided to get a new trail rig, ive been out of fourwheelin' for 10 years or so. i want an explorer, but i wanted to talk to you guys as far as what would be the best generation of explorer to be a trail rig...
  24. 9

    Fl explorers

    Hey everyone, weve made a group on Facebook called Florida Explorers, if you Live in FL join up, We talk about current builds, asking questions, Meet Ups, Events... ect.
  25. O

    Which Brush Guard!?

    i have a 00 explorer and im looking to get a reasonable priced brush guard, i just need some help deciding. Let me know what you guys would reccomend! thanks! :exporange :eek: