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    1996 4.0l OHV Can drive for maybe 10 miles till I have loss of power, wont start

    Hi I just bought this 2dr 1996 Sport 4.0 ohv. some background info, skip down if you want. it has 134k miles, has maintenance records back to when they bought it. The truck was given to his son who I think started doing IMO (but, I'm also uneducated in this) dumb modifications. He wired a stereo...
  2. K

    Hi just introducing myself, I've bought my first Explorer - 1996 Sport

    From the PNW, I travel to the east side a lot and needed this for the pass. 2DR sport, 130k miles on the 4.0 OHV; I'm the 3rd owner but the 2nd owner was the son of the original owner who maintained it since he bought it new in Colorado. Really clean! Does anyone know where to find parts...
  3. A

    OHV Top End Refresh. 410 Cam?

    How's it going guys. I've started to plan a top end rebuild as I have low compression on cylinder 3. About 60 pounds cold/dry and 70 pounds cold/wet. The rest tested 150-160. I consider having my head worked but one is a 95tm and one is a 98tm on my 98. This lead to me to simplify the process...
  4. 2

    Upper Intake Torque Specifications for OHV?

    I need to replace my upper intake gaskets that are leaking. I looked in my old Haynes manual and these are the torque specs. They seem kind of low with the upper intake nuts torqued to 12 ft lbs. While the studs to the block are torqued to just 84 inch lbs which is 7 ft lbs. The other torque...
  5. J

    1998 Explorer XLT OHV 4x4 "Project Pale Rider" is for sale

    With deep regrets it is time to let the old girl go. It has been a fun project but it was time to move up to a new vehicle. I will be driving a new to me 2016 Jeep Unlimited 4 door and I just dont have the room to keep the explorer. 200k miles but runs strong. 4x4 hi and low works...
  6. 9

    Camshaft syncroniser to crankshaft (harmonic balancer rotation) Please Help

    Can anyone tell me how many times the camshaft syncroniser rotates for every revolution of crankshaft harmonic balancer? If I'm not mistaken is it 2 times? This would be on a 4.0 V6 OHV (NON-SOHC) I feel stupid. I rebuilt this 97 ranger engine and the timing chain was set at 6 and 12...
  7. J

    oxygen sensor question.

    2000 explorer 4.0 ohv manual transmission 5 speed My explorer has a total of 3 oxygen sensors 2 upstream one downstream after the cat. The downstream sensor was hitting my exhaust and burned/cut a wire from the sensor. My question is should I solder heatshrink it? Or should I just replace. Also...
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    Camshaft Synchronizer Question 4.0 OHV

    I’ve got the infamous camshaft synchronizer squeaking sound on cold starts. I had a shop replace the lower intake and camshaft synchronizer gaskets last week and the truck has developed a squeaking sound in the rear of the engine. I took the belt off and the sound is still there. The mechanic...
  9. C

    98 4.0 x-vin ohv exhaust help

    Have a question working on a project with 2 1998 Ford explorer 4.0 V6. One is OHV (x-vin) 4x4 automatic xl, engine runs great but body is full of rust and is being put aside for future project. I picked up another 1998 4.0 v6 4x4 xlt from South Carolina. It didn't have an engine but it is set...
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    Replacing A TPS With Damaged Screws, How To

    A couple of years ago I got the idea of replacing my throttle position sensor since it was the stock part. I gave up after rounding the philips screws. I then tired to use a dremel to cut a slot into the screw heads but that didn’t work out too well. Recently, my absolute throttle position...
  11. C

    4.0 sohc swap to 4.0 ohv

    I just purchased a 98 explorer xlt sans engine, Stock it had the 4.0 sohc. I have a 98 xl with 4.0 ohv. My ohv is still running strong but the NY salt ate her body all to hell. The sohc is from South Carolina and is rust free. I want to put my ohv in it. Here is my conundrum, when it comes...
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    Transmission Exhaust Mount Question

    I’m replacing all of the bushings and hangers on my exhaust and the only one I’m missing now is the one that bolts onto the transmission area. Does anyone know if you just remove the bolt and the bushing bracket comes off? I plan on supporting the exhaust with a jack. I just want to be sure...
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    4.0 OHV PCV Grommet Part 42592

    Just thought I’d post this info in case anyone needs it too. I recently decided to change the pcv grommet on my 2000 since I’m redoing the entire vacuum system. Below is the part that I ordered through advance auto. I imagine it’s the same for all OHV Explorers, or at the least 98-00...
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    Aftermarket OHV Intake Hose?

    Is anyone on here running one of these...
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    4.0 OHV Absolute Throttle Position

    I’ve read threads on this site about the tps and it seems that 19.6% is the normal position for the TPS at idle. Mine has recently started dropping to 19.2% at times and I’m getting erratic rpms lately, like a 30-50 rpm change every second. The truck runs really smooth and the rpms stay steady...
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    Oil Catch Can Installed

    I installed a 400ml catch can on my 4.0 OHV, since I was tired of finding oil on my IAC every few thousand miles. Is anyone else running one? I can post a list of parts required including hose lengths if anyone is interested. It’s still too early to tell how much oil it’ll catch, but I’m...
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    Mixed Up Sensors?

    I replaced my coolant sensors almost a year ago and I’m worried I have them backwards. I’m using the dy-1144 sensor to control the gauge on the drivers side one wire connector, and the SW5174 fan switch for the computer sensor on the passenger side two wire connector. Any experts here that can...
  18. C

    2 questions in thread. New member so I apologize.

    So, I have been upgrading and restoring my 1997 Explorer XLT 4.0 OHV since I purchased it for under a Grand with 129,000 miles, almost a year ago this month. I haven't had any major issues with the vehicle at all and have put quite a few miles on (160,390) it from driving it to Florida and back...
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    Head Gasket Advice

    Back in 2015 my heater hose broke and caused my vehicle to overheat, and I’ve replaced every gasket down the lower intake since then, due to leaks. I started getting a misfire(p0304) a few months ago and was losing coolant. I added some k seal and it went away. I drained the radiator to get rid...
  20. D

    Clutch Pilot Bearing: Is there a sleeve? Where to get one?

    Alright. I've got a 93 Explorer Sport 4x4. My clutch started slipping. It got pretty bad pretty quickly, despite having the clutch replaced at the end of last year. I have concluded that the rear main seal probably failed and leaked oil onto my clutch. Either that, or the flywheel failed. Either...
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    O2 Sensor Voltages

    Anyone here familiar with “normal” voltages for O2 sensors? Two of my sensors appear to be functioning correctly and are on opposite voltages. I’ve read before that it should be that way. However, the third sensor on bank 2/3 stays steady around .790 volts. Any idea if that’s bad? I appreciate...
  22. Y

    98 Sport Manual Stalls Out on Start

    Hey All, So I've got a 1998 Explorer Sport 5 speed manual 106k miles. It's got an X in the vin so I believe it's the OHV v6. I purchased it at 104k and its ran fine since then. Recently it has started stalling out on start. It'll rev high and then drop to a stall. If I wait a few seconds and...
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    RPM fluctuations at idle. Normal?

    Since getting my scan tool, I’ve noticed that my rpm’s decrease and increase slightly in park, and in drive with the brake on. Does this happen to anyone else? It’s not a huge change, but they do move up and down by about 10 rpms every second. This was over the course of a minute:
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    4.0 OHV Correct Belt Tensioner?

    Hey everyone. So it’s been a long time since I last replaced my tensioner and I really can’t remember what kind the ohv uses. I see Gates “round locator pin” and “v locator tab” on amazon, and both are listed as fitting my truck. I think I replaced it with the v tensioner last time but I’m not...
  25. J

    deep love for the expy, want another one.

    ive always loved the explorer sport, not so much the 4door model (dont want to deal with all that extra weight + fuel usage lol) i used to have a 2001 explorer sport SOHC, automatic RWD and it had 3.73 final that i swapped to 4.10 with a locker, had some all terrain tires on it and put a bit of...