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  1. 9

    Christmas in February!!! Supercharged 4.0 ohv

    Supercharged 4.0 ohv Explorer Got some goodies today thanks to USPS and UPS. Can Anyone guess what's in the next pic?
  2. V

    I love my explorer... my wife wants to make me sell it...

    Hi, I have a white 2 doors 2wd 4.0 97 ohv MT ford explorer.... yeaaahhhh, i just love it. It has taken me anywhere I want to. I have been reading some topics in this forum and I expect soon to show some pictures of my ivan-mobile... ja!. Anyway, My wife thinks my car is old and I spend...
  3. F

    Vacuum diagram 4.0L 1997

    I'm posting this as I believe that it might be helpful to others. :D I still haven't found my vacuum leak
  4. F

    Stock 4.0 ohv rebuild Parts list anyone?

    Hi, I've scoured the forum for a parts list for a stock rebuild for my 4.0 ohv. The engine runs decent with some hesitation and rough idle. I know some would say to just replace the intake gaskets, hoses,etc and be done with it. However, I acquired the car third hand, I don't know how good...
  5. B

    98 EGR tube (4.0 V6 OHV)

    Greetings all, searched the forum for this, didn't find anything so if someone has any info or if this has been discussed help a brother out. Got a 98 XLT V6 OHV, 115K miles. I have a new EGR valve I'd like to put in. I'd fixed my lean codes by replacing all gaskets and vac lines on my...
  6. B

    1993 Ranger 4.0L - Later Model Engine?

    I have a 1993 Ranger with a 4.0L OHV engine. It's almost shot, so I want to replace it. From the research I have already gathered, I can assume that with a few change over's a newer model engine out of a 1996 Ranger/Explorer/Aerostar would slide back in nicely. But what about those newer...
  7. C

    Coolant flush need help 95 OHV

    I need to replace my thermostat so I figured I would flush my coolant since its been to long. I bought new coolant, Prestone super flush and prestone flush kit adapter. --->I do not understand where Prestone wants me to attach the little TEE that comes with the kit. I searched the forum...
  8. S

    Hi and thanks- I might have a suggestion

    Hello good people and thanks for this great forum. As a new member who has been reading for hours around here trying to find some answers to my specific problem, one thing I have noticed- that trying to find problems/solutions for your specific engine type and year model is very frustrating...
  9. Brandon96

    TPS mod + OHV question...

    Will the TPS (throttle position sensor) mod I've read about work on the 4.0 OHV and how effective is it? past experiences anyone? And also, what is the advantage of an OHV over a SOHC? is there any whatsoever? I have the OHV and the power difference of the SOHC is killing me :( :( :(
  10. 9

    few issues...Any help appreciated

    I have the ohv and ive had this issue for a while now. when i apply anymore than 3/4 throttle the floor/pedal/shifter vibrates. not too too bad but very noticeable driving. Could it be the tranny?? its a the 5 speed manual. Ive never changed the fluid....spark plugs have also never been changed...
  11. underhood


    underhood gllympse, with KKM and painted cover. as of 8/03
  12. Intake cleanup.

    Intake cleanup.

    Trying to make the outside of the upper intake look as good as the deburred and gasket matched inside.