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oil change

  1. Y

    thicker Oil

    Hi everyone i have an Explorer 2010 with 150k miles on it, it's starting to burn some oil not much around 0.5 liter per month my mechanic says i should put heavier oil in the car Ford recommends 5W30 oil he says i should put 10W30 is it a good idea ? what will happen and can someone explain it...
  2. M

    Another oil change question

    Today I changed my oil. There where a total of 4 partial containers. All said 5w-20. They where the following types. Conventional, synthetic blend and full synthetic. Is this an issue? Should I drain it and put 1 kind in? Not doing much driving in the next few days. 244xxx on the clock.
  3. A

    Opinions on Royal Purple synthetic oil

    Hi guys: I just spent my still unearned christmas bonus on a timing chain set for my 2002 Mountaineer. After the repair the mechanic recommended me that I use only syntethic oil from now on, something on which I concur. The mech recommended me his personal fav which is Castrol Edge (and the guy...
  4. 2

    2003 sport trac changing oil for the first time

    Hey, i'm changing the oil on my own for the first time. I have everything but the socket wrench, what size wrench do I need? And I am also tuning up the truck on my own soon as well for the first time. Or should I watch someone do it before attempting that?
  5. M

    2000 v8 explorer oil change

    Hello all, I'm changing my oil and oil filter today in my 200 Ford Explorer 5.0 and need to go out and buy tools, from someone with experience could you tell me exactly what tools I will need and what sizes. Please and thanks !
  6. K

    2003 Explorer oil won't drain out

    Went to do a normal oil change.2003 4.0 ltr Pulled the plug, filter and let it drain. Put the new filter on, after the oil quit running out I reinstalled the plug and poured 5qts of oil in. This is where it gets weird....pulling the dip stick, it was way over full, checking what came out, 2...
  7. C

    Easy Tune-Up Question!

    Hello! Easy question, since I've owned my Explorer (5 years), I have yet to change the ignition coil pack. I am in the process of ordering everything for a nice OEM Motorcraft tune-up & am curious as to whether that is something that should be done or not. I don't have any issues with my...
  8. J

    Ford Explorer 1995 maintenance

    Hi, Just got my truck working after 3 years of sitting at the parking. It was the antitheft system that f..ked up... So a dealer bypassed the system. So i wounder. Its a 1995 ex with auto and the OHV engine I have changed oil and flushed the engine. But i will need to do the trany and the...
  9. G

    SES came on after oil change

    New Explorer owner, just had my oil changed (jiffy lube, don't EVER go to them) shortly after my SES light came on. My MPG on the info center went from 14.6 before oil change to 19.2 after and has slowly dropped since, currently at 15.3. Not sure why any of this is happening
  10. C

    98 Explorer xle tune-up problem

    I just changed the spark plugs and oil in my 98 Explorer XLE.I have 162,000 miles on the motor. I used the Motorcraft spark plugs and Motorcraft 5w30 motor oil. I am now getting worse gas mileage in my truck. Does anyone know what could be the problem? The way gas prices are climbing I can’t...
  11. D

    Free Bosch Distance Plus Oil Filter

    I accidently was not thinking the other day and got the short oil filter for my 2001 Explorer Sport but my explorer takes the long oil filter. I paid like $15 for the Bosch Distance Plus, and threw away the box. I can not return it so if someone would like it, you can have it. I live in...
  12. 1

    Wax & Cleaner Recommendations

    What products are you guys using to keep your car clean? I just bought a bunch of Meguiars stuff like protectant for the interior, leather seat cleaner, tire shine. I also got some spray on turtle wax and some detailer. I don't know the difference between detailer and wax but do I need to apply...
  13. B

    Oil Change interval

    Like clock-work, the oil change monitor in my 2007 Eddie Bauer has me changing oil every 5,000 miles (I used full synthetic). This has worked out great after 120,000 miles of reliable use. Should I expect the same 5,000 mile interval from the 2011?? Thanks.
  14. Brian1

    How To: Replace Leaky Ford Explorer - Ranger Low Oil Sensor

    For a long time I have had an oil leak coming from the side of my oil pan on my 91 Explorer. I suspected it might be the low oil level sensor so a few weeks ago I power washed the underside of my dirty engine to remove all the dirt and oil. After running the engine on a few short trips I checked...
  15. S

    Engine clatter after oil change

    hey everyone, after a routine oil change today, I started to hear a clatter from the engine.. it initially sounded like the valvetrain but it gets louder towards the crankshaft region. It's the first time I have actually noted this kind of sound - my friend's Camry made the same sort of noise...