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oil filter

  1. G

    Oil Filter too close to Sway Bar? What am I missing here?

    Have a 1999 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V8. Just picked it up recently and did my first oil change. Noticed that the prev filter I took off had a dent on the end...almost where it had either hit the sway bar or the previous person dented it intentionally so that it wouldn't hit the sway bar...
  2. Paul Fithian

    Oil Filter Confusion - Job 1 Engine

    On the 2001 Sport Trac I recently acquired with 255,000 miles, I observed that the oil filter contacts the engine mount on the passenger side, see below. Per the Ford Etis build date of 13.06.2000, engine label build date of 5/18/00, and other observations, this is a Job 1 engine, right? But...
  3. C

    Which Oil filter do I need?

    I just bought a 99 Explorer Sport with 4.0 SOHC and am wanting to change the oil, but when I looked at the parts store the book showed 2 different ones. One has 22mm thread and the other is 3/4in thread. How do I know which one I need without taking the old one off first?
  4. M

    Oil filter leak

    When I start my truck (96 explorer xlt with the 4.0) it leaks oil like crazy. I went to tighten the oil filter and it was tight but the filter and the bracket that it gets screwed onto moved. It seems like the bolt that hold the bracket on might be loose? Mind you it's 6 degrees out and with the...
  5. L

    Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter issue

    My husband and I are having some issues with our Explorer. Apparently, the oil filter adapter threads are stripped. We have called a bunch of part companies in our area, and none of them have any idea what part we are talking about! This was the only "part name" we could find online. One guy...
  6. D

    Free Bosch Distance Plus Oil Filter

    I accidently was not thinking the other day and got the short oil filter for my 2001 Explorer Sport but my explorer takes the long oil filter. I paid like $15 for the Bosch Distance Plus, and threw away the box. I can not return it so if someone would like it, you can have it. I live in...
  7. Cjpooch

    Check Gauge Light

    Hello All. I recently purchased a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT, it is my first explorer, and Ford. I was surprised to find a whole community dedicated to it. I like it so far, but I know nothing about vehicles and engines. My question, my check gauge light has come on a few times. It usually happens...
  8. B

    Oil leak around oil filter

    Replaced the oil filter and it still leaks (several drops a day) around it. Is there a gasket inside the housing that needs to be replaced? Oil filters have a O-Ring gasket in them which butts up to the block, so why is it still leaking? 2003 Ford Explorer XLT V8
  9. G

    Remote Turbo & Oil Filter Relocation - a bit long - sorry.

    OK, so now I've got the mod bug for the '97 Mounty. While I am considering a remote turbo install for the Mounty (and that comes with about 20 years of painful Saab turbo experience), I do have one question. I did a search on this one, but didn't find anything concrete: Are there any...
  10. R

    New guy with 03 EB

    Sup all? Well, new guy to the forum. Have vast experience with cars/trucks and forums to boot. Picked up a 2003 Eddie Baur 4x2 4.6l 79k, with all options except 4x4 and reverse sensers. Not bad of a deal, 10800otd after all said and done. Did some routine maintence, because I have a hard...