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oil leak

  1. M

    Is it a PCV Valve or Engine Seal Causing Oil Leak

    Hello out there, I love my 2010 Sport Trac XLT 4.0 with 173,000 miles on it. I am getting an oil leak that someone said it probably was a rear main engine seal. After some research I learned that a clogged PCV valve might cause oil leaks. So, I am reaching out to my fellow Explorer and Sport...
  2. A

    External Oil Leak from Head?

    Hey guys. To start I've guy a 98 OHV that's leaking a good amount of oil. Constant drip at running pretty much. Dripping from the mating between Engine and Transmission. I had believed it was all from the Rear main and replaced that months ago (horrible job to do alone). That helped the leak a...
  3. R

    2014 Explorer Sport Ignition Issues & Water Pump Service

    Hi All, I’m having some serious troubleshooting issues. I have 2014 Explorer Sport with 107,000 mi. May 2021 at the 100,000 service a leaking water pump was discovered. The water pump was replaced along with the valve cover gasket, and spark plugs by a local service shop, not dealer. Since then...
  4. H

    Misfire after fuel filter change

    Hi boys, got a weird one today. 190k miles. Tranny has ~130k. 05 sport Trac XLT. Stock engine 4.0L SOHC. I replaced the fuel filter, or tried to and couldn’t get the line going to the engine off. So I gave up, put it back together, and decided to drive it to a professional to get it done...
  5. J

    Oil leak near/from turbo

    13 explorer sport 3.5 120k Got off the highway last week and pulled in the driveway. When I got out I noticed some smoke coming from passenger side fender well. Got under it and saw a small amount of oil around exhaust pipe and engine mount. Can’t see anything from the top end. Appears to be...
  6. N

    massive oil leak

    Hey everyone new to the ownership of a sport trac, I have a 2004 sport trac 4.0 v6 I was doing routine maintenance and changed the upper front timing chain tensioner, didn't know it needs to be primed and put on with a very thin washer, put it on and leaked super hard from there, took it out...
  7. T

    New motor or fix what ive got?

    So my 98 Ranger has a severe oil leak right into my sparkplug well. It's causing me to.miafire on 2 cylinders and despite trying everything there is no way to solve it. So now I'm faced with the options of: 1. Buy a new motor and pay someome to install it, or 2. Take the motor apart myself and...
  8. B

    Oil leak

    Hi everybody. First thread here. Went to change the oil today and saw this. Oil didn’t appear to originate from the filter. Maybe above. Hard to tell if it leaked or sprayed. Haven’t noticed any spots on the driveway yet. Any ideas where to start looking? Thanks in advance.
  9. C

    Oil leak only when parked

    As the title states, I have a 94 exploder with an oil leak that only leaks when the truck is parked amd I'm losing about a quart every 1k miles. It's from the bell housing area, and I know it only leaks when parked because the exaust and transmission crossmember is oil free, but the oil is...
  10. J

    Explorer 3.5 NA Oil Pan Removal and Install Information

    Hi Everyone, There doesn't seem to be a lot of information regarding the oil pan on the 3.5l motors so I wanted to provide some. I have over 100k mile on my 2011 XLT 4wd Explorer and I could hear the rattle of a main bearing. Now, I run Mobile 1 and do regular maintenance so I am not sure why...
  11. C

    2018 Explorer XLT Oil Leak

    When I went up underneath my '18 3.5L the other night to do an oil change, I noticed quite a leak. I just rolled 9k miles, and on my 3rd oil change. I have an appointment with the dealership next week. According to the service advisor it's the first they've heard of it. Has anyone else heard...
  12. A

    '93 Explorer XLT With 345,000+ Miles Large Oil Leak

    I knew that it was leaking oil, but it appears to be getting worse. At my last oil change I was told I was down 1.5 quarts from my previous change. Any sort ideas/recommendations to try and mitigate this? When I'm under the car it looks like it's leaking from inside the engine compartment...
  13. C

    Oil leak coming from upper Pan gasket.

    Recently changed the timing chain assembly on my 2005 ford ford explorer sport trac and after putting it together I suspect I have an oil leak coming from the upper oil pan, it leaks out from between the engine and transmission. I believe it's because I forgot to add sealant to the gasket when I...
  14. H

    Rear Differential Oil Leak? - 2013 XLT 4WD 3.5L

    Hi there, I just noticed oil leaking from the Rear middle of the vehicle just above where the dual exhaust intersects. I have attached some photographs of the Leak. If anyone on the forum can give me advise on repairs/parts I would appreciate that. Thank you. Its a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT Base...
  15. B

    Massive Oil Leak

    Hey everyone! It's bean YEARS since I've posted on here, but I haven't had an Explorer ince I graduated college. I picked up a 1998 4.0 SOHC recently that had a no start due to a faulty CKPS. $13 later I was on the road bringing it to work to shake it down. I've only done a few small repairs as...
  16. E

    Did I break my 1997 Explorer v8 AWD!

    Bought it 10 months ago from a municipality with 101k miles. Love it! It now has 112k miles. Actually considering another one... Over the last month I've noticed that the engine when accelerating, instead of being almost silent, is now sounding more like an engine... It doesn;t sound bad but...
  17. E

    96 Ford explorer speedometer not working

    Hi, I have a 1996 Ford explorer, I got a couple months ago. my Ford have been running fine and I take really good care of it. last month I was doing a lot of driving on the freeway and city. And while I was driving to my friends house I heard a loud snap and my speedometer started going crazy...
  18. G

    CAR WON'T START. Low Oil Pressure?? Coolant Leak??

    *****UPDATE****** So I was actually able to fix the problem that I was having with the dome lights remaining on even after the doors were closed after an extended period of time. The problem was the door ajar switch located in the driver door. I ordered the part from AMAZON and for those who...
  19. W

    Oil leak but where? Video included

    So I've noticed I'm losing about a quart every couple weeks. Back in August I would lose about a quart a month or less, with a drip here and there. Fast forward to today and it's way more. I can't tell where it's coming from but it's driving me nuts, because it all over under the car. I took a...
  20. M

    Oil filter leak

    When I start my truck (96 explorer xlt with the 4.0) it leaks oil like crazy. I went to tighten the oil filter and it was tight but the filter and the bracket that it gets screwed onto moved. It seems like the bolt that hold the bracket on might be loose? Mind you it's 6 degrees out and with the...
  21. malohnes

    Oil leak below head gasket level

    I've got a oil leak that I can't put the kabash on. It's driven me nuts man and I need your help!! :scratch: So, it isn't a typical drip leak. Though I do have one of those from a leaky rear main seal. It only seems to happen while driving more than town errands and coats the undercarriage of...
  22. R

    Explorer Sport (2 door) V6 4.0L Oil Leak

    So here's the deal, I've had my exploder for a little over two years. To this point it's been reliable apart from the thermostat housing melting (fixed the issue, but it was hell to fix). Yesterday, I drove home from work, when I made it home, I noticed a substantial amount of smoke coming from...
  23. 2

    Valve Cover Gaskets?

    Hey everyone. I'm going to try and change my valve cover gaskets this weekend and I have a few questions on the procedure. My Haynes manual says that you need to remove the upper intake manifold to get the valve cover off for 99 and later models. Is this really necessary? It also says to push...
  24. malohnes

    oil leak - backside of engine

    As an FYI for those chasing the various crazy to diagnose oil leak our rigs develop, I just discovered the cause of one of mine I'd like to share. When replacing the heads, with new aftermarket heads, and all the gaskets, I failed to notice that the LIM gasket fit a little skewed so that one...
  25. S

    oil leak

    2001, Gen 2, 2wd, 135k miles, the oil pan gasket is leaking. Plan on replacing the gasket this month during the oil change. Should I change the oil pump when I have the pan off and how much of a pain is this job? Is there a link to a service book that I can use? Dave P.