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oil pump problem

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    Timing chain kit replaced still rattling and getting worse

    Replaced chains, guides, tensioners , waterpump and crankshaft pin. Sounded ok at first, but rattling again.... changed oil twice with flush, thinking plugged up oil screen. Next getting tool to check oil pressure. It's got to be the main chain tensioner that is powered by the oil pressure...
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    Low Oil Pressure on Gauge

    My oil pressure gauge is dropping to low while driving down the street. the truck is still running fine (doesn't bog down or anything). we changed the sending unit and the oil... not sure what to look at passed that....I have been told if the pressure was actually low though that the vehicle...
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    Oil Pump for 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0L V8

    Has anyone with this same vehicle had to replace the oil pump? I am pretty sure that it is the oil pump that needs to be replaced because my Explorer loses oil pressure and the gauge starts bouncing around then completely drops down. I have had this happen a few times and have been able to drain...