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  1. G

    PTU Fluid

    Hi all. I want to run full synthetic in my 2013 XSport. Does anyone have any knowledge on the types of fluids I will need? 1) PTU Fluid? What kind? 2) Oil? What kind and viscosity? 3) Any other fluids I cqan change to synthetic? I'm in Atlanta where temps reach a humid 100 degrees in...
  2. M

    Oil filter leak

    When I start my truck (96 explorer xlt with the 4.0) it leaks oil like crazy. I went to tighten the oil filter and it was tight but the filter and the bracket that it gets screwed onto moved. It seems like the bolt that hold the bracket on might be loose? Mind you it's 6 degrees out and with the...
  3. M

    Left (Driver) Side Valve Cover Replacement Help

    Hi all, 2003 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L SOHC V6 Right now my left side valve cover gasket is seeping oil. I heard this can leak onto the exhaust manifold and cause a fire so replacing this is fairly urgent to me. Also, the fitting that the PCV valve screws into appears to not have any...
  4. M

    Oil consumption/leak

    So I have 3 leaks, power steering, coolant, and oil, all of which seem to be hidden, but the lack of fluids start to show every month or two and I just top them off. The oil is the most concerning to me. Once the oil starts getting low, I get ticks/clicking/weird sounds and questionable...
  5. D

    Coolant in oil

    I have 2004 4.0 SOHC. I am getting coolant in the oil. I had the head gaskets changed. Has good compression, did a cylinder leak down test which was good and I am still losing coolant with some milky substance on oil cap. My question is: Has anyone heard of bad engine oil cooler? p.s...
  6. J

    Oil Pressure Gauge

    I have a 2004 Ford Explorer with 155k miles on it. I have replaced so many things on this truck, I am trying to not get discouraged and sell it. Its in great condition and runs smoothly. The problem I am having is the oil pressure gauge, when I idle at a stop light or stop sign my oil pressure...
  7. D

    Spark Plugs

    I want to change my spark plugs on my Explorer. Took them out and they were black. What kind of spark plugs should I get?
  8. H

    2014 Oil Leak REALLY!

    Hey everyone I am looking for some input on what I should do about my wifes 2014 Explorer XLT with only 5k miles is leaking oil. First, I took it in for its first oil change with no signs of burning oil smell or leaking anything in my garage and to my surprise the dealer I bought the car...
  9. J

    need valve covers for 4.0 ohv

    Need a rust free good set of valve covers for my 2000 explorer 4.0 ohv. Apparently doing the gaskets twice in a lil over a year has not stopped the oil leak and now im trying to find a good set and have had no luck locating them in the aftermarket parts
  10. R

    Explorer Sport (2 door) V6 4.0L Oil Leak

    So here's the deal, I've had my exploder for a little over two years. To this point it's been reliable apart from the thermostat housing melting (fixed the issue, but it was hell to fix). Yesterday, I drove home from work, when I made it home, I noticed a substantial amount of smoke coming from...
  11. W

    What oil do you use and how many miles are on your explorer ?

    Hello all; I just had A 2006 4.0 Explorer follow me home:D We are a JEEP family but needed to add a vehicle with 3rd row and after a year of research we settled on the above. Another tid bit about myself, motor oil and petrol engineering is an area of great research for me. I am trying to find...
  12. V

    4.0 OHV Oil Filter Mount: quick questions

    Hay explorer forums. I've got a 95' 4.0 OHV Explorer with a small leak that appears to be coming from the oil filter mount (not the filter). I've done some research and have even found another topic to reference. http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=233462 What I need to...
  13. Z

    Bouncing oil pressure and drop at higher rpms

    alright i just experienced this tonight while i was at work and in I dire need of some help!!! i was driving along at about 20 mph and i saw my gauge light come on and the oil pressure gauge was bouncing from normal to nothing, so i turned back around and let it set...later i went back...
  14. E

    Help, oil leak!

    Hi friends! My 99' EB X is leaking tansmission oil :( Do I need to take off the tranny to fix that? :eek: It has the V8 with almost 200k miles on it. Also I think rear axle is leaking because it is too moist but, I can't see any drop or anything Please this is driving me crazy! I will...
  15. N

    Crap In oil pan HELP?? pics

    So I went to change the oil pan and gasket today and found some plastic and thin metal pieces in the pan. I dont know much about internals of an engine to know what they are and where to go from here. Also if I take the bits out and bolt it all back together would it be able to run till I have...
  16. J

    ATF Leak 2008 Mountaineer

    Hello All. New to the form here, been a lurker for awhile. I have a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer Base w/ 4.0. About 138,xxx miles on it. Crawled under it preparing to do an oil change and noticed that I have an <<oil leak>> EDIT: ATF Leak. Did not get a good look the first time. Not to...
  17. C

    New owner. Wading Camchain & Maintenance Advice !

    :uk:Hello. I've just got my first Explorer (a 1999 OHC Automatic AWD). It's only on 90k miles (with full ford service history) and after a recent test run to France I plan on keeping it for a while. Seems to be doing about 24 (UK) MPG on a run! It came with a couple of things I wasnt expecting...
  18. R

    New member, problems already!

    Hey forum new member here. I'm a 22 yr old from TX. I just bought my first Ford today. A 2007 Ford Explorer with the V6 80,000 miles. After the 20 mile drive home I noticed some dripping under the car. I began prodding around the engine closer and saw a puddle dead center of the intake...
  19. A

    Diagnostics Help – Oil Gunk in Throttle Body (with pics)

    While working on the Ex (2000 Limited 4.0 OHC) to replace the lower thermostat housing, when I removed the Air Duct from the Throttle Body (TB) I noticed a good amount of oil gunk in the TB. When I removed the hoses from the air duct I noticed a little bit of oil on the hose that connects to the...
  20. W

    Engine stalled: "Low oil pressure"

    Greetings everyone, Just took delivery of a 2013 Explorer Limited Tuxedo Black with 302A and dual moonroofs last week. It's is indeed such a fantastic car. Stil can't get enough of playing with all the features. I'm from the Philippines and you guys won't imagine how difficult it is to get...
  21. T

    97 Explorer oil pump WOES!!!

    Hi fellas! It's been a long time since I've had to post regarding some sort of problem... Here's the deal: I have a 1997 Explorer (4.0L OHV) that my mother and stepdad gave me about a 1 1/2 yrs ago. When they gave it to me, they neglected to inform me that it has always had a clogged oil...
  22. L

    Serious Trouble?

    Well.. Today, I hooked the oil lines to and from my turbo. I ran the feed line off the oil pressure switch, which I teed off. I also, ran my oil return line and activated my pump which sends the oil back into the oil filler neck. Well.. I started my car up, went and checked my rear mount...
  23. D

    Ford Explorer 4x4 Oil Leak

    I have a 1992 Ford Explorer 4x4 and last night I smelled this burning odor, it stopped maybe five minutes after I parked. Later that night my truck gave out while I was reversing, I pushed it back into the driveway, put some oil in it and it worked. Once I turned the engine on.. the truck would...
  24. astaroth

    Oil in vacuum line

    Hi all! I noticed a oil in my vacuum line, could it be the transmissions modular or maybe should i look something more? Marek
  25. J

    head gasket leak?

    Hey there, I just bought a 92 explorer with 330000 original miles... unfortunately the only original thing is the engine. The guy i bought it from told me that he had to put a quart of oil in every month. I suppose its not terrible but id like to fix it. I had a friend who is a technician look...