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    2001 Explorer Sport Questions

    2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC Just a few things i need help with: 1. I lost about 3/4 of a quart of oil on my last 3k miles. Its not dripping oil on the ground at all. However, while i was under the car i noticed that oil was all over everything under the motor for the most part. It...
  2. B

    Bad Oil Cooler

    Hello. I have a 1998 Mercury Mountianeer and noticed a lot of oil/greese leaking from the front end. I cleaned it up and took the mounty to my mechanic and he said that the leak is coming from a bad oil cooler. he said the problem is that on these models the oil cooler is connected to the oil...
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    Right Oil Type?

    Hello, I will be changing my oil tomorrow as it's that time again. I have a question about the oil I should use. I'm not exactly a car expert so all help is appreciated. I've only changed the oil once before since I've had my X and I used 10w-40. That's what has always been used on this truck. I...
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    When 1st Oil Change- Stay w/Blend or Go All Synthetic

    While I still have 91% left on my oil life in my new 2012 EX Limited, I am already mulling over whether to stay with the 'blend' of synthetic/petroleum oil that Ford delivers in it, or to go to fully synthetic?? The service advisor told me he would stay with the blend as it's what Ford...
  5. J

    Switching to Synthetic Motor Oil

    I will have my first oil change due in December , by then I'll be around 12,000 kms or 7000 miles approx. We will be heading into the dead of winter by that time and temps will plummet right around that time for a few worst months of winter. I want to go with a synthetic oil for better...
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    Free Bosch Distance Plus Oil Filter

    I accidently was not thinking the other day and got the short oil filter for my 2001 Explorer Sport but my explorer takes the long oil filter. I paid like $15 for the Bosch Distance Plus, and threw away the box. I can not return it so if someone would like it, you can have it. I live in...
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    Oil Filter Question.

    So today I went to change the oil in my X, everything went well, I successfully drained the old oil but when I went to remove the filter I found it to be on there surprisingly tight. No way I could have removed it by hand, so I just added the new oil but left the old filter on so I could drive...
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    smoking from rear drivers exhaust manifold??

    on a 1996 XLT 4.0(x) OHV ...something is leaking onto the exhaust manifold causing it to smoke from under the hood on the rear driver side. i cannot tell if it is oil or antifreeze nor can i see where its leaking from. it seems like it coming right up from under the last spark plug...
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    Whining noise continues

    On my 1995 explorer I have a whining noise coming from the rear. I have read around seeing that people have had trouble with their rear differentials. I decided to change my rear differential oil with more thicker oil. 85w-140 to be exact. It made no difference what so ever. Anyone have any idea...
  10. Add compressor oil before the system is closed.

    Add compressor oil before the system is closed.

  11. Aerostar refrigerant & oil capacity.

    Aerostar refrigerant & oil capacity.

    A/C freon & oil capacity chart.
  12. J

    Which oil do you use?

    At the risk of starting an oil flame war, which I hope doesn't happen in this thread, which oil do you put in your late model 4.6? I used Motorcraft blend in my 2003 5.3 Excursion. This is a mostly highway driven vehicle with some light city usage and some towing also I'm in Florida with...
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    Gear Oil Leak from Rear Differential

    good afternoon gentleman. Had to change my fuel pump this weekend and noticed a bad oil leak. It's definitely my rear gear oil in the rearend b/c i changed it like a month or two ago and it still looks clean. My question to you though, the way its leaking it looks like I did a good job...
  14. Universal oil filter tool.

    Universal oil filter tool.

  15. Oil filter.

    Oil filter.

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    Major Oil Leak - 92 Ranger

    I have a major oil leak coming from what looks like behind the engine. I have checked the oil pan and it doesn't look to be coming from there. It all started when I parked one day after a half hour regular drive. I went in the house for 5 minutes and when I came out, I see a steady stream of...
  17. Refilling the squeeze bottle with oil.

    Refilling the squeeze bottle with oil.

  18. Oil is added to the compressor.

    Oil is added to the compressor.

  19. Compressor oil on a scale.

    Compressor oil on a scale.

  20. Compressor oil.

    Compressor oil.

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    99 Ford Explorer. My engine started to make a lot of noise after an oil change!!!

    Hello Everyone!~ I have owned my Ford Explorer since 2004 and have taken very good care of this SUV with maintence oil changes, new fuel pump, etc.. it has 105,000 miles now on it. I just took it in for the oil change since it was time to do so. Well after the oil change it has this rattle or...
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    Oil Pump for 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0L V8

    Has anyone with this same vehicle had to replace the oil pump? I am pretty sure that it is the oil pump that needs to be replaced because my Explorer loses oil pressure and the gauge starts bouncing around then completely drops down. I have had this happen a few times and have been able to drain...
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    Please will someone help me find a dipstick and tube for my 1991(i think) ford ranger

    Please, ive been looking for a while to find a specific dipstick and tube for my truck. Im looking for the stock replacement, and cant seem to find one. I know its a 4 cylinder, 5 speed. Im pretty sure its a 1991, but maybe a 92? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my first post here...
  24. D

    cant afford to keep running Royal purple! help!

    i started using royal purple idk why i started but its a mony pit. how can i safely switch to something cheaper?
  25. T

    03 explorer valve cover leaks

    Need help changing my valve cover gasket on my 03 explorer?? Started leaking and dripping oil onto my engine?? Has anyone ever done this before???