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  1. J

    2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid Ordered (Canada)

    I ordered my 2020 FEH 2 weeks ago (February 23rd). I'm a little nervous since I purchased the hybrid without a test drive (they only had the 2.3L) so I went off the reviews to make the decision. The dealership stated it would take 12 weeks to be delivered, I'm wondering if the hybrids take...
  2. J

    2020 Aviator Reserve: Ordered. / Built. / Delivery?

    I ordered a 2020 Lincoln Aviator from Riverhead Lincoln in Long Island on April 22, 2019. My dealer let me know about my VIN and build date on May 23, 2019 which stated my build date was the week of June 23, 2019. I was able to access my window sticker the other day (thanks to this website)...
  3. E

    Placed my order looking to track

    Had to order my Explorer at the dealer after many other explorers sold in front of our eyes. My dealer is bad with giving us info, so I am looking to see how I can track my order. I don't have my order number but I know which dealer ordered it and all the specs of my vehicle.
  4. J

    Ordered 2013 Ford Explorer XLT

    hi everyone! My husband and I currently have a 2011 Ford Edge SEL which we LOVED! But needed more room, so that's where the explorer came in. We ordered it at the end of August and I have been calling and texting my sales guy and still no VIN yet!! They originally gave me a timeline of 4-6...
  5. N

    2013 Explorer Limited Ordered!

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and just placed an order for a 2013 Explorer Limited 4WD. I am in the Air Force and stationed in Italy. we purchased our Explorer through the military Car exchange program, and the salesman is assuring me our vehicle will be ready in May. This seems really...
  6. A

    How to track your order?

    How and where (website?) are you able to track your order? Do you need an order number from the dealer or can you use your X-plan number? How do you get the VIN? I know it is early days (only ordered my Explorer a week ago), and I see everyone else showing when they ordered it and what...
  7. M

    Looking For A Mail Order Tune..

    Ive looked around the forums and could not find anything on this so if there is a topic on this plzz redirect me. im looking for a Mail Order Tune and Chip for my explorer if anyone knows were i could find one for a 2004 Explorer 4.6 sohc. that would be great thanks..