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  1. Pete165

    How To: Rear Dome Light LED Replacement

    For those wanting to replace the rear overhead dome light with a better looking white LED. I can't recall if there is another how-to thread on this, but here you go.. Sorry there aren't more pictures. I didn't think to write this until half way through. You'll need a standard 194/168 type...
  2. 2

    Interior light dimming?

    I'm wondering what causes the interior displays to dim when the headlight switch is turned into the on position. I like to drive with my parking lights on in the day but this causes my compass to dim which is a little annoying. Does anyone know how to disable the dimming of the compass, message...
  3. M

    07 XLT interior info needed - buying Tomorrow

    Hi All, I am buying an 07 XLT with new tranny and engine, new tires and wheels, and new suspension. It was a taxi here in Las Vegas The overhead console is missing from the interior, and I imagine many more little parts, insignias, and things will also be missing. Anyway, I would...
  4. R

    Where is the Temp Sensor for my Overhead Console?

    :confused: I have replied to a few post. But never asked a question myself. I can't seem to find the answer to this one. Although I am sure it is on here somewhere else. I have an overhead console, that recently burnt out(but that is a different story, unless you have one for sale...
  5. Dome Light

    Dome Light

    Red dome light with blue map lights and red neon tube