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oxygen sensor

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    2003 Explorer 4.6L oxygen sensor circuit problems

    I recently picked up this 03 Explorer with the 4.6L in it, the odometer says roughly 198k. I bought it pretty cheap so I've been fixing things and sorting out the bugs. Up until now the fixing has all been mechanical, bearing assy's, upper control arms, latches, hinges, etc. Here's the deal...
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    Fuse 41 - Oxygen Sensor Circuit

    Good Afternoon all, Recently my 2002 Ford Explorer 4.0 completely shut off on me while driving. It would not even crank despite the battery being full. I paid to get it towed home only to find it was a blown fuse number 41 under the hood. I changed the fuse and it started right up. I drove it...
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    Bank 2 sensor 1 pissing me off. HELP

    2004 4.6 how do I get the damn sensor unplugged and off? It’s in a tight space, and the tab is on top which I think was an asshole thing to do by Ford. I can’t mash it, my 9 year old daughter can’t even get her hand in to push the tab. Do I just break that rubber mount? Or is there a way to get...
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    OBD Codes 124,157,158,172,176,177,186,543

    Hi Friends, I'm brand new to this forum and to doing any significant maintenance myself. Please forgive my ignorance if it jumps up in the middle of a nice dinner and parades around the room yelling obscenities. I started having power issues driving old faithful across the west. Occasionally I...
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    Confuse about milage (MPG) 06explorer

    Hi exlorerers, I am new to this forum and this is my first Explorer . I just bought it and previous owner have no record for service and maintenance. I am getting milage that has made me confuse. I live in chicago with crazy cold weather and with my driving in city I am getting 8.4 on cluster...
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    1993 explorer 4.0L trouble codes help

    I have the trouble codes 111 for key on engine off. Then the codes after are 117, 21, 81, & 189. Then with engine on it gives me 172 and 136. The 111 is system ok which leads me to the others which are ECT sensor low/grounded; ECT sensor out of range; boost control OR AIRD solenoid; and fuel...
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    Issues with 2013 Explorer Ecoboost

    So the issue bug has finally bitten me bad. In the past it was small minor cosmetic things (passenger side seat cover clip tore from the leather seat in the leg area, Black upper window trim just BLEW OFF at highway speed, power mirror motor failure.) About 2 months back I noticed a pretty...
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    Oxygen Sensor install help

    Ok, so I've been driving around with a check engine light on for like a year now, knowing that the drivers side oxygen sensor is causing the light to come on. So I finally got around to getting under there to change it a couple days ago and what do I find? The sensor is fine...but the wire has...
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    1996 & 1997 Aerostar. OBD-II oxygen sensor live data.

    I borrowed a Cen-Tech OBDII reader to read my oxygen sensor and fuel trim live data (PIDs). All other PIDs read but these two. I found a post somewhere that said that Ford light trucks initially did not correctly program these PIDs for display. The same Cen-Tech reader works fine on my 2001...
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    Crazy Mileage drop, o2 sensor?

    Hey, Im new to the forum, but I have been having some issues with my X. Just got her about 3 weeks ago, 4.6 V8 '05. 150kms. I drove down to my hometown (about 1200km roundtrip) and parked for the night, took my parents truck to Detroit, when I returned the next day, and got in it and headed...
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    Catalytic converter

    I am receiving a check engine light on my 2003 Sport Trac. I had it checked on a computer and it said it was the oxygen sensor. I now am understanding there are four of them. I also have read that the Cataletic converter may be going bad and there is a sensor after the converter. I am in...
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    Replacing O2 sensors and can't get to the connectors, Whats the trick?

    I have two new O2 sensors and have tried to unplug the old ones to no avail..... I can get one hand to touch one and the other is just out of reach. Even if I can get on hand on the connector I don't see me delicately pulling it loose. What's the trick?
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    Oxygen Bank Sensors

    Howdy all, I recently purchased an OBD code reader for my '05 Explorer to see what that darn check engine light is all about. Turns out there are some issues with the thermostat that I will be addressing soon. However, it gave me two other error codes that I didn't know about and I am kind of...
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    Are Bank1 and bank 2 oxygen sensors the same?

    I have a 97 Ford Explorer 5.0 and my code are both 1 & 2 i was wanting to order them online but it doesn't say they are different autozone is giving me different prices. Can ya'll help me out. Thanks Jonathan
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    Oxygen Sensor wiring harness mixup

    I'm trying to verify that I'm plugging the correct sensors into their respective plugs in the harness. I removed the old sensors, was distracted, and got back to working on replacing the new ones 3 hours later....couldn't remember which plug the left/right one goes in. I looked up the wiring...