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  1. 1

    2003 Explorer 4.6L oxygen sensor circuit problems

    I recently picked up this 03 Explorer with the 4.6L in it, the odometer says roughly 198k. I bought it pretty cheap so I've been fixing things and sorting out the bugs. Up until now the fixing has all been mechanical, bearing assy's, upper control arms, latches, hinges, etc. Here's the deal...
  2. M

    Oxygen sensor; replaced, now runs rough & "check engine"

    Took my 1992 Ford Explorer XLT (4-door, auto 4WD, auto tran, 4.0 V6) for smog test (California) and it failed. It seemed to run fine, and indeed everything passed EXCEPT "NO (PPM)" -- Max 699, measured 2342! So, it's a "GROSS POLLUTER." (I now suspect this was caused by an unoticed missing 8"...
  3. C

    1996 Ford Explorer Multiple issues

    1996 Ford Explorer 2 Door, 2WD with switch for 4WD high/low 4.0L engine I have had a long term issue with this explorer that I need to mention prior to bringing up the current issues. This is that the check engine light has been on for awhile, and it throws a code indicating a bad oxygen...
  4. N

    Wrong O2 Sensor?

    (this is over a period of about 6-8 months) To keep a long story short, my 93exp started running like crap and went from 20+ mpg to 14. just changed the plugs and wires 2 months prior. I thought it was a plugged cat so I cut the bottoms out of them and took the stuff out, then welded the...
  5. S

    1999 4.0L SOHC O2 sensor removal.

    Okay i have been really frustrated by this. I have searched for a descent answer but now have come to this. How do you remove and then attach the wires from the passenger side upstream o2 sensor on this engine? I can see it, but for the life of me cannot get anywhere near it to disconnect it...
  6. F

    Muriatic acid to clean o2 sensors?

    I am ordering new motorcraft o2 sensors anyways, but my local Mechanic (here in Mexico) said it's a very common practice to dip the tip into some muriatic acid (which is commonly sold in hardware stores here to unclog drains). This supposedly cleans them and restores their functionality. I'm...
  7. F

    P0133 P0153 P0401 - O2 part mumbers?

    HI based on these codes, I'm replacing all 3 of my O2 sensors (just in case), and my egr valve and DPFE. I need the part numbers for my Oxygen Sensors. Can anyone lend me a hand with those? Are all 3 the same part? or 2 upstream and 1 downstream sensor?
  8. Universal 4 wire oxygen sensor pin out.

    Universal 4 wire oxygen sensor pin out.

  9. Heavy duty oxygen sensor wrench.

    Heavy duty oxygen sensor wrench.

  10. Oxygen sensor wrench set.

    Oxygen sensor wrench set.

  11. Crow foot oxygen sensor wrench.

    Crow foot oxygen sensor wrench.

  12. Heated oxygen sensor.

    Heated oxygen sensor.

    Internal view of a heated O2 sensor.
  13. Heated oxygen sensor.

    Heated oxygen sensor.

    Internal diagram of an O2 sensor.
  14. Oxygen sensor with anti-seize compound.

    Oxygen sensor with anti-seize compound.

  15. Oxygen sensor with a socket.

    Oxygen sensor with a socket.

  16. thegoon543

    p1131 and hesitation/stumbling in all speed ranges; high/low o2 sensor voltages

    i recently have been getting 3 trouble codes; only one of which is a legitimate one: p1131 - o2 sensor bank lean p0000 p0000 there is hesitation during idle and across all speed ranges (particularly @ highway speeds). using my ScanGauge II I was able to view the o2 sensor readings and its...
  17. O2 Sensor

    O2 Sensor

    Silicone Poisoning