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    P0174 Issue

    My fuel filter, fuel pump and assembly along with the injectors have been replaced and now after replacing my thermostat I went on a test drive and now I have a P0174 Lean on bank 2. How do I figure out what this is? Truck knock on wood runs fine. No issues as of now. 1999 Explorer 5.0L V8
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    Needing some help with p0300 p1151 p0303 p0305 p0171 p0174

    Hey everyone, sorry I'm really new to this forum, so forgive me if there is a post up already that I may have missed. I have a 96 Ford explorer 4.0 engine that I have been having some trouble with lately. So I noticed the Explorer was rough idling, saw my check engine light that had already been...
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    Dreaded P0174. I've checked everything...what could it be?

    I had posted earlier about lean codes on my '00 Explorer Sport, and fixed it easily by replacing an evap hose. Well, now P0174 (bank 2 lean) is back and I can't figure out why. It appears intermittently and only on this bank. I have done the following: -I smoke tested again, and there's no...
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    Solved Help needed for identifying a vacuum hose on the throtte body.

    Howdy! I have a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport. Currently, it has a check engine light for P0171 and P0174, stating that it's running lean. I used a smoke tester and found a substantial leak-- one of the hoses is ripped apart. While running, moving the hose causes the idle to fluctuate, and a lot of...
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    bank 1 and 2 lean codes fix?

    hey guys so i just picked up a 1998 ford explorer sport (2 door v6) 88k miles magically the CEL came on after 250 miles of driving (i know i should have checked to see if it was reset) codes were P0171 and P0174. -I ran some injector cleaner thru and dry gas as well, reset and light came back...
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    Trying to track down lean codes (P0171, P0174)

    I have been getting the lean codes for Bank 1 and Bank 2. I clean and replaced MAF. I had previously replaced the famous vacuum elbow (and it's still good). I have had a smoke test done to find any other vacuum leaks. A small amount of smoke came from the EGR, replaced it. The codes have...
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    Please help! 2002 Ford Explorer 4.0 SOHC

    My 2002 explorer has a terrible rough idle and clanking sound. After its running a minute or 2 the RPM's level out just under 1000 but the clanking sound is still there. I'm getting lean codes p0171 and p0174 as well as misfire codes in all 6 cylinders. I've checked for vacuum leaks with carb...
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    P0174 Help!! 02 sport trac

    Hello, I just recently bought a 02 sport trac.. It is showing p0174 lean on bank 2.. Theses are the things I have done : 1. Fixed/replaced the common corner elbow hose along with PCV valve.. 2. Replaced intake manifold gaskets 3. Cleaned MAF sensor 4. Cleaned throttle body 5. Checked for...
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    P0171 and P0174

    HELP!!!! I have a 2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer with 133k and every 2,000 or so miles it throws the infamous P0171 and P0174 codes. It never stalls but at idle in gear it feels like it has a vibration in the engine. If you let it idle in park long enough the rpms will drop down and come back up...
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    Truck wont start or will not stay running!

    Ok so our 2004 Ex was running on Saturday, didn't go anywhere Sunday and when we went to start it Monday morning it started but then quickly shut down... wouldn't start after that. it does turn over so battery and starter are good... we actually killed a battery trying to start it so we...
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    can not accelerate past 40

    hey new here. just bought a 4.0L 2004 Explorer XLS. I am having an issue tho. when I am driving it has A LOT of lag. getting to 40 KPH is hard but then gets worse from 40-60. I have had a scanner done (engine light IS on) and it pulled a ton of codes. including O2 sensors and...
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    Another Lean Code Mystery: P0171 & P0174

    I'm hoping that I won't get blasted for this since it's been gone over many times, but I'm having trouble with diagnosing P0171 and P0174 codes. The first thing I did of course was reset the codes. The CEL stayed off for a few days then came right back with the same codes... I'm not really...
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    Need some help replacing Plenum gasket

    I don't know how to search these forums as well as most of you, and I need some help. I took my 97 SOHC to a mechanic, and he said that I needed to replace the plenum gasket and my MAF sensor. I haven't been able to pass smog because of P0171 and P0174. I finally just took it in to have them...
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    97 Explorer V6 4.0 p0171 & p0174 HELP!

    So on my 97 Explorer i keep getting codes for banks 1 & 2 too lean. I have tried searching for vacuum leaks with a smoke machine and found nothing. I changed the fuel filter and no change. I hooked up a scan tool with live data and saw my fuel trims were all at -100 and all 3 o2 sensors...
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    1997 mercury mountaineer p0174

    1997 mercury mountaineer, awd 5.0 auto. This thing is driving me crazy! It idles ruff, runs like crap and the only code i have is p0174. i have changed the plugs and wires, fuel pump and filter, mass air sensor pcv valve, and I have checked up and down for some kind of vacuum leak. ran 3...
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    Can someone explain this photo of my intake?

    My issue started when I began getting P0174 codes for System Too Lean, Bank 2. I found the most common mentioned issue on forums was that there was likely a vacuum leak, or a bad intake manifold gasket. I didn't find any noticeably damaged vacuum hoses so I figured I'd replaced the intake...
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    "tree diagram" for p0171 and p0174

    anybody have a "tree diagram" out of a service manual for the p0171 and the p0174???? i have bad cold idling problems. i checked all the vacume houses and sprayed carb cleaner on everything including the manifold.....a tree diagram would be awesome
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    Glowing Red Cats after Intake Manifold Change

    Hello Folks- I've been searching some past posts and haven't really found a solid solution to my problem. Recently I changed my intake manifold which was leaking profusely. Other than that the truck ran fine. After changing the manifold the truck has been running rough, knocking, and...
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    Misfires w/ rough idle + gas in oil? HELP!

    :mad: I am having TONS of trouble with my 2002 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0 and need help. I have already checked the codes and get: P0301 P0302 P0303 and P0174. I have also had the ignition coil tested and its fine. The CEL flashes when the engine has warmed up. Mostly after sitting at a light for...
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    Failed due to not enough drive cycle time

    :roll: 1998 Ford Explorer, 130K + miles: The vehicle was showing an intermittent CEL for the past 7-8 years. For the past couple of emission test cycles, I would go over to AutoZone and have them reset the codes on the OBD so I could go through the test. This year it didn't work. I used a...
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    2001 Explorer Sport -- Misfire, lean system, Workshop Manual

    Hello there, Can someone point me to cylinder 6 so I know which to replace? Or better yet, I really want the OEM Ford Workshop Manual to download. My OBD reader is flagging these codes: P0174 -- System Too Lean (Bank 2) P0306 -- Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected ...Most of the time...
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    Got the bad news... Help please

    So I took my 96 EB into the dealership to get it checked so I can figure out what it was and stop the guess work. The car wouldn't start so I had to tow it in. It didn't start for them either and they pushed it into the garage. Anyway here are the codes they pulled. P0171 (Bank 1 Lean)...