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p0304 misfire

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    Getting P0304 Cylinder 4 Misfire

    2003 Ford Explorer Limited 4.6 V8 Check engine light came on yesterday. Checked codes and getting a cylinder 4 misfire. Number 4 spark plug was loose. Remove #4 plug and coil and switched with #2 just to double check to see misfire moved to #2. All 8 plug and coil replace about 7,000 miles...
  2. K

    Help Misfire

    i had replaced the intake gaskets upper and lower a little over a month ago to fix a rough idle. it worked for a while but now i am getting a misfire my cel is blinking and my car has a major loss in power and the dash flickers on and off radio restarts. i am receiving two codes at first i was...
  3. I

    p1053 O2 Sensor and cylinder misfire

    I just picked up my 1996 Limited Explorer 4.0 from the mechanic. They claim that getting a p0153 circuit slow response can cause a fuel trim to bank 2 to spike, and cylinder #4 & #6 misfires. Stated that the electronic control module is running the engine too rich, and this can cause one side of...