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    2019 XLT 3.5L NA - Flashing Check Engine P0300, P0305, P0306

    I have taken my Explorer to Ford 3 separate times for the same issue. During the fall was the first time and these codes came up, Ford dealer was told to replace the spark plugs and coils on 5 & 6 cylinders. Explorer went back in the next month with the same issue, this time Ford dealer was told...
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    4.6 XLT 2003 P0306 and P0316 help!!!!

    My 4.6 XLT 2003 has codes p0306 and a p0316. I have put on a new dorman intake manifold, new motorcraft plugs, new cop boots. I have moved the cops and fuel injectors around but the misfire stays in cylinder 6. Pulled all plugs and all look good. Compression for 1-4 is 190psi, 5-8 170psi. I...
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    Ignition Coil wiring

    I had a great story here of my new-to-me Explorer dying out in the woods and the work I've done to it up to now, but that post had gotten too long so I'm giving the condensed version now. Anyway, the current situation is that I installed a new coil pack (old one definitely bad - very big crack)...
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    Misfire Engine Code V6

    Engine code p0306 keeps coming back. I have replaced: spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition coil pack, fuel injectors, and crankshaft position sensor. Each time I replaced something I disconnect the battery and when I reconnect the battery the engine code is cleared and it stays off for about...
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    misfire on cylinder 4 & 6

    background: explorer ran fine for a year or so after I bought it, however would notice sometimes at WOT the CEL would flash briefly till I let off the gas, and it would accelerate and run fine fast forward to a week ago, I finally got a CEL that was constant...ran the code and got...
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    2001 Explorer Sport -- Misfire, lean system, Workshop Manual

    Hello there, Can someone point me to cylinder 6 so I know which to replace? Or better yet, I really want the OEM Ford Workshop Manual to download. My OBD reader is flagging these codes: P0174 -- System Too Lean (Bank 2) P0306 -- Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected ...Most of the time...
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    Rough idle with P0300, P0304, P0305, P0306

    If anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated. I have a 1998 Explorer with the 4.0 SOHC and about 98K miles. Everything was fine when I left it for about two weeks in the driveway. When I came back the MIL was on, running rough and a moderate to loud ticking noise. It was a great...