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    P0401 - Replaced Entire EGR System

    Hi all new member here. First things first. I've used the search function and have read all applicable threads before posting. I have a 2010 XLT with a never ending emissions problem. Started with P0401, P0403, P0443, P0455 and finally P0457. I have spent many hours researching, diagnosing...
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    06 explorer p0401

    Hello everyone i am a new member. I have an 06 4.0 explorer that i have been having an error code p0401. I replaced the egr, replaced the intake manifold gaskets, and opened a propane tank around the intake and hoses to search for a vacuum leak to no avail. What else could i check to help my...
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    Can't fill fuel tank plus codes: P0401 and P115E

    Can't fill fuel tank plus codes: P0401 and P115E -- FUEL FILLING ISSUE FIXED Hoping someone can help narrow down my problem. 2007 Explorer XLT. 4.0 V6 This started as a fuel filling problem. The gas pumps kicks off every few seconds. Initially, I thought evap canister or solenoid. Then...
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    Cannot fix P0401 / P0402 codes on 96 Sport 4.0 OHV

    I recently purchased a '96 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4, w\233,000 miles on it. Took it to emissions in order to register and title it, and it had 4 trouble codes, P0401 insufficient EGR flow P0402 EGR flow excessive at idle P0340 camshaft position sensor circuit malfunction P0420...
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    Code P401still-replaced EGR & DPFE

    I have a 1996 Ford Explorer with a code of p401. We replaced the EGR valve and the DPFE. I am still getting a p401. I erase the code and darned if it does not come back. I want to check for a vacuum leak but I have no idea were the hoses are or where to start. Any other ideas of what to...
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    P0133 P0153 P0401 - O2 part mumbers?

    HI based on these codes, I'm replacing all 3 of my O2 sensors (just in case), and my egr valve and DPFE. I need the part numbers for my Oxygen Sensors. Can anyone lend me a hand with those? Are all 3 the same part? or 2 upstream and 1 downstream sensor?
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    Can Rough Idle(or misfire) cause a P0401

    I've just acquired this vehicle. I've yet to change the plugs and cables. I originally have a check engine light, so I cleared them with my code reader as most mechanics in Mexico don't bother to after a service. I figured if they were real problems they will come back.:) Sure enough after...
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    Got the bad news... Help please

    So I took my 96 EB into the dealership to get it checked so I can figure out what it was and stop the guess work. The car wouldn't start so I had to tow it in. It didn't start for them either and they pushed it into the garage. Anyway here are the codes they pulled. P0171 (Bank 1 Lean)...