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paint damage

  1. V

    Wanted Recommendations for repairing surface rust

    Looking for some recommendations on how to best tackle some surface rust that has appeared along the sill of the RH rear door. The rust has not progressed beyond the sill, so I want to try to tackle this issue before it gets any worse. Hoping for some DIY suggestions that are going to keep me...
  2. Indispensable Explorer

    Cover recommendations?

    My Explorer sits outside all day, I was wondering if you guys had tried any car covers that you would recommend. I usually drive by myself so getting someone to take off the cover with me would be something to avoid if possible. 1995 Ford Explorer, Four door. Thank you!
  3. E

    Dented Rear Passenger Door

    Hello EForum! Longtime lurker but first post ever. Bought a Black 2014 Ford Explorer Limited this past January but ended up getting it dented. Long story short, I bumped into an angled cement pillar due to a speeding car in a parking garage. In hindsight I should of just let him hit me but I...