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  1. Q

    2021 Ford Explorer Paint Issues

    Hello, let me start off by introducing myself. I’m new to the forum and I recently purchased a 2021 Explorer in Infinite Blue. I’ve owned a couple of Fords in my lifetime such as 2 1st gen Focuses that were extremely reliable and great cars and eventually owned a 2018 F150 that had nothing but...
  2. S

    Paint Code / Touch Up

    Hi All, With the winter being here, my car got nicked by some gravel thrown up by the snow plow. Minor in size but deep. So wanted to use a touchup pen. I looked at the inside of my door where the VIN is listed and saw the EXT PNT Code: HS. The samples look a little off from what I would...
  3. D

    Painted Insulation?

    So I just got my new 2020 Explorer after trading in my 2017. Everything looked great when I was checking it out, but then a week and a half later I just noticed that they painted over the insulation over the tail lights and in the door. Is this normal? I haven’t seen this before? The flaking is...
  4. A

    Looking for Opinions on Painting Over Chrome

    Despite my X recently taking some abuse, I'm hoping to clean her up a little and maybe do some paint work as well. The big decision I'm wondering about is weither or not I should paint my chrome bumpers and trim black. I like the look of the black wheels, but I like the chrome accents and am...
  5. B

    Soft Plastic Window Pillars - Swirls & Scratches

    Hey guys, I just recently washed my 2019 Explorer Sport and noticed the swirling on the black soft plastic window pillars where the front and rear doors meet as well as the corner of the rear window by the hatch. I already scheduled an appointment to get it corrected and have some x-pel film...
  6. 2


    Im planning to repaint. I want to go with a 2 tone. Any suggestions?
  7. E

    Black gloss touch up paint for Sport grille?

    I have a few paint chips on the black grille on my 2017 Explorer Sport. Does Ford have a touch up paint for the gloss black Sport grille?
  8. 9

    Rustbucket seeks paint options

    I've debated on my medium for painting my super rusty explorer all winter and I'm reaching out for opinions. I've posted before about how to properly handle the rust (Tackling Runaway Roof Rust!) and I've decided to strip down the whole rig, windows, rub rails, and lights, the whole thing...
  9. 9

    Rust issues

    I'm not a master mechanic or a certified auto body tech. I have a 1996 Ford Explorer 4x4 and I live in FL but it was in NC for a few years from what a vehicle search said. It has some rust like the front and rear of the frame has some rust but that doesn't concern me. The rust has attacked the...
  10. 9

    Tackling Runaway Roof Rust!

    I've got a pretty bad roof rust problem, and I'm trying to get together a game plan to tackle it right and paint the whole vehicle this summer. As you can see there have been multiple attempts to fix it before 4+ and counting! I would like to remove the whole upper rack assembly and bumpers...
  11. D

    Where to buy paint?

    I need to pick up or order White Platinum Pearl (UG) to repair the hood paint bubbles. Has anyone found an online supplier that has been good to buy from? We have NAPA and OREILLY locally, but I couldn't locate anything on their web sites.
  12. Indispensable Explorer

    Roof rack removal

    I decided to restore my roof rack, this morning I removed the rear roof rack with ease,the front was a different story, a passenger side screw isn't coming off. It just turns, and appears to be damaged in some way. I would like to avoid painting the rack while on the vehicle if at all possible...
  13. J

    Remove Pesky Rust on Door Interiors?

    Hey guys, I've owned my 2007 Limited for about a year now- and living in the midwest I've noticed some mild paint bubbling on the bottom of the interior of my doors. I've also got some corrosion on the interior of my tailgate at the bottom edge. No other rust/corrosion on the vehicle yet, just...
  14. Rear Ford Emblem

    Rear Ford Emblem

    Rear Ford Emblem to match paint colors on car
  15. Rear Sport Badge

    Rear Sport Badge

    Blacked out Sport Badge
  16. Front Ford Emblem

    Front Ford Emblem

    Matched the paint colors of the car to the Ford Emblem
  17. 2

    Re-painting bumper. Advice needed.

    So last weekend I decided to finally paint the front and rear bumper trim on the truck. It wasn't until the paint dried that I realized it was dark brown and not dark gray (now I know what color dark walnut is). Well i'm not happy with the dark brown color and I'm just going with black paint...
  18. A

    Painting My Stock Rims

    Hey guys, this is my first real post and I was originally going to post it under Modified Gen 2s, but decided that was more of a serious modification forum (Move wherever it actually belongs please). What I'm looking for was more of an opinion so I decided Polls is a good place. I'd like to...
  19. N

    Explorer Paint Quality

    I purchased a new 2013 Ford Explorer Limited Edition in early 2013. When I picked the vehicle up from the dealership there was a run in the paint on the hood. The dealership informed me that they would replace the hood, but without letting me know they decided to paint the hood. Now the hood has...
  20. P

    2002 roof rack repaint

    Hi anyone repaint aluminum roof rack yet not much of a painter and how do I get these things off without destroying them do the bolts go all the way threw Thanks for any help
  21. J

    For Sale CUSTOM 2004 Explorer

    I hope you'll bear with me and my long story... It's been a really long time since I have posted here. I got a lot of good info from this site back in the day, so I reckon it is worth paying to become an Elite member to make this post. Ugh, I'm getting a little nostalgic and emotional just...
  22. M

    Looking for a paint code

    My bumper was scratched in a parking accident and I'm looking for the paint to touch it up, however the bumper is a different color than the rest of the car and I can only find the paint code for the main color. I have a 2009 White Ford Explorer
  23. B

    Painting Interior Door Panels?

    Hey guys, been thinking here about painting parts of my door panels. I have a 98 explorer xlt with a tan interior. Been thinking that since there is some black already like the bezel, speedometer and other stuff, painting some parts black would be ok. When I got it, the plastic parts i guess...
  24. T

    Tip for Replacing Body Panels

    Hopefully this can help someone, I learned this just recently after being hit in my explorer. So anyway, I found out that between 95, 96, and 97, the paint and pinstripes on explorers change from car to car, between two 96's the Eddie Bauer pinstripe was about a half inch off from the other...
  25. A

    Best way to paint my chrome grille

    Id like to paint the grille black... I want durability (color and chip/scratch) and also want it to be somewhat easy. Thanks