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  1. C

    Trades for Celeste the Aerostar.

    I have a 1992 Ford Aerostar named Celeste, it is Canadian, currently living in Burlington, VT and I think could be exported to the USA. I love it dearly, it still runs but has an exhaust leak on the manifold that I can't afford to fix. It's an elder, so I am sure there are a lot of other things...
  2. C

    Extra parts if anyone wants

    Hey guys I finally scrapped my 1993 Explorer Limited. It was still running well but had finally succumbed to rust after spending every year since 1994 driving in northeastern Indiana salty winters. I have a garage bench full of parts that are brand new, and some that I pulled from the truck...
  3. G

    Lift gate moulding parts difference, please help!

    Hi, I need to replace the rear moulding, where the camera is located, above the license plate, and the EXPLORER word is. I saw 2 parts, with huge price difference Bb5z-13b482-ab and ba: 194$ - Rear Molding - Ford (BB5Z-13B482-AB) | QuickParts 538$ - Rear Molding - Ford (EB5Z-13B482-BA) |...
  4. F

    Other parts I'll need for my trunk opener

    I bought a new trunk opener for my 91 explorer sport but I can't get it to line up to the links to open the trunk cause it's to short any part I'm missing for it?
  5. J

    Replacement rear USB port cover?

    Anyone know where I might be able to find this? I called the dealer and their price was $30 and I had them order it. But I looked at it more today, and it looks like the unit itself is fine and that the cover simply just connects to two holes on the hinge that allows it to swing. So it seems...
  6. 2

    Best place to buy Rotors / Pads?

    Guys, I am needing new rotors & pads for my 2011 Limited. I have never bought my own parts - where is the best place to buy online? I am currently just looking for OEM replacement unless you guys have something else / better to suggest. Thank you Matt
  7. C

    Preventative maintenance list?

    Hey new member here and I was looking for some insight on some preventive maintenance items/parts I should change. It's a 1997 ford Mercury Mountaineer with 228,600+ miles. These are some items/parts I've changed not all where preventive maintainace like the AC system. Spark plugs and wires...
  8. T

    New to the Forum 92 Explorer

    Hello Explorer Forum. This is my first time using this Forum, actually it's my first attempt at Using any kind of online forum. Just bought a 1992 Ford Ranger XLT 2WD. I have done some poking around the web, but if anybody can point me in the direction to find what parts from other cars fit...
  9. D

    2004 Explorer 5R55S manual shift linkage

    Hi all. I need some help. I have the classic no 2/5th gear issue on my Ex, and I found another 5R55S cheap. I discovered today why is was so cheap. The shift linkage was absolutely destroyed. The parts that are shot are the linkage arm where the cable connects, the outer nut, the shaft itself...
  10. S

    Have 02 EB Explorer and need parts, will 04 XLT Explorer work?

    I have an 02 Explorer and found on CL a 04 that has a blown motor... Wondering if I purchase that 04 and grab parts from it to fix my truck (Rear bumper, inside trim, luggage rack swap (mine has paint pealing) and maybe window motors... If color matches I'll swap driver seat b/c mine has tears...
  11. S

    Stupid question

    This may be a stupid question but can i use parts on a 99 Explorer on a 2000 mountaineer if so will all parts swap or iss there a limit
  12. D

    OEM or used body parts - where?

    I have just imported a Ford Explorer 2016 to Poland. Left doors together with a central pillar are damaged. Where is the best place to get OEM or used parts? I bet the shipping costs might be a bit pricey- am I right? Any advices?
  13. S

    2010 Ford Explorer XLT - AC repair

    Hi all, I have a 2010 Explorer XLT which is in need of AC repairs. I live in the middle east and parts are difficult to get here. I've been told that the Condensor and the evaporator need replacing so what I need to know is what parts should I be getting? I can see the Condensor (part #...
  14. M

    ford explorer parts and sensors

    hello people, i need to know a good alternate brand of parts for my explorer 2004, i mean not motorcraft or original ford, some good american brand. thank you manu
  15. D

    '04 Explorer - AdvanceTrac System failure

    We have a 2004 Ford Explorer with the AdvanceTrac system installed. Unfortunately, we recently experienced an issue where it stopped working, and took it in to the shop where we were told the AdvanceTrac traction control module would need to be replaced and then recalibrated. It's been...
  16. I

    Looking for parts!

    I have a 1995 limited ford explorer with a 4.0 and finding parts is getting kind of difficult i am looking for many parts mostly to deal with offroad and track performance for example grill guards, performance chips, body kits, and I would even like to improve my interior! So can anyone send...
  17. D

    Parts Store Sale Stories

    So I got a job working the counter at a Part Store (Which will remain unnamed), and was thinking of posting stories of customers I get. They won't go into detail describing the people, but you'll get the just of it. Feel free to add if you have any stories about people coming to buy parts or...
  18. D

    Easy question: 97 Explorer=97 Mountaineer?

    As previously noted, I recently bought a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer. It is in sound mechanical shape, with only 64K miles, but because it sat for a while the interior has some minor mold issues. However, I just met a guy who has a 97 Explorer that he is parting out, and the interior looks...
  19. Jstcruz

    99 XLT Parts

    I parted out a 99 XLT and have a lot of random stuff left. Please PM me with any questions. Available; (Shipping not included) Full length console - tan, no lid $30 All 4 doors - tan, some have guts, some dont $25 - $45 Hatch - tan...
  20. CamDJClimited

    For Sale 95-01 Explorer Parts for SALE

    95-01 Explorer Parts & Car Audio for SALE!! I've got a bunch of Explorer parts for sale. Some are custom! They should work on Explorers 95 through 2001. Battery SOLD!! Remy 130 Amp Alternator (Tested good!) $40 Ford Factory 6-Disc CD Changer - $20 2 Sets of Front & Rear Ford JBL Speakers...
  21. N

    Bed Extender Parts

    I have a 2005 Sport Trac that I bought used. I purchsed the bed extender gate off of ebay. Over the years both of the plastic pieces that retain the spring clip have broken. As a result the gate does not lock to the pins on the truck as it once did. It appears that to fix this, the entire...
  22. R

    What is the best aftermarket fuel pump??

    Fuel pump is out, less than a year old. I'm going to replace it but I would like to know which are the best for performance and durability. Airtex? Carter? ????? Thank You for the guidance, the one I have is under warranty but who wants to risk it for what the cost vs work it is to replace it...
  23. B

    Wanted 92 explorer head rests / 2 needed

    I need both head rests for 92 explorer seats.
  24. L

    Problems sourcing manual trans

    The Tennessee hills have finally killed my a4ld. I am taking the leap and swapping in a 5 speed. I have gotten everything the threads say I need except for the computer, pedals, and the transmission it self. The problem I am having is the yards I have talked to in my town have to get a...
  25. N

    For Sale 97 Eddie Bauer 2wd 4.0 SOHC parting out

    1997 Eddie Bauer 2WD 4.0 SOHC wrecked in the front, the steering column has been pushed out of aligment so its not really practical to drive anymore. Still cranks and runs though, ac still blows super cold. Engine has about 147k miles, automatic transmission was rebuilt and has new torque...