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  1. P

    PCM timing chain

    So I am new to the forum and also having issues locating the pcm in a 2014 ford explorer sport, while doing the timing chain replacement, anyone know where or how to get to it thank you in advance
  2. W

    2010 xlt ECU part/model number

    Hello all, izzat here, new to the forum and the explorer. Bought my 2010 Ford explorer XLT 4.0l two weeks ago, next day day while driving the highway, battery sign popped and a few minutes later the car completely died. Restarts once I pull over. Anyway, took it to the agency they said it's a...
  3. C

    KOEO: 117, 122, 112, 513, 565, 556 Fixed

    Hi everyone. Finally I'm able to contribute back to this forum after coming to it for so much information. I've seen a few threads of this forum and others about people with these KOEO codes and the behaviour I'm about to describe. I couldn't however find anybody who posted a follow up to what...
  4. E

    97 AWD 5.0 - the bleeding $$$ at dealer begins - FINAL RESOLUTION

    thank you all that have contributed. Specifically Koda2000 and 410Fortune. So I thought it was a fuel delivery issue. The dealer says they can't communicate with the computer and they conclude hence no spark - which I guess means they don't believe its the connector for the ODBII reader but the...
  5. S

    Salvage Yard PCM Replacement

    I have a 2008 Ford Explorer Limited 4x4 4.6L V8 SOHC. I have diagnosed a problem with my VCT solenoid actuation back to the PCM. It is not grounding the circuit to energize the solenoids. I get P0010 and P0020 DTC codes for VCT open circuit. Wiring checks out OK to the PCM/connector. The problem...
  6. P

    Where is my pcm power diode?

    My 2002 ford explorer 4.0L keeps blowing fuse 41 under the hood. I want to check the pcm power diode. Can someone please tell me what it is and where it is located? I suspect the reason for my problem to be a short in 02 sensor circuit. So if I go to my pcm power diode and trace the red/yellow...
  7. J

    04 Explorer XLT PCM switch out

    Hows it going everyone. I am new to the forum. I currently own a 2004 ford Explorer XLT 4.0L. A couple months ago my car wouldn't start, I jumped it and put a battery pack to it but still nothing. After noticing my anti-theft light continuing to blink very fast. I looked up issues to this and I...
  8. allmyEXes

    1997 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 P0141(this was reset button thread)

    I know that the PCM can be reset by disconnecting the battery for a short time to reset and I have been keeping my Scan Tool on the seat of the one that I am driving and reset that way however surely there is a simple way to install a reset button to do this and someone may already have. If any...
  9. M

    PATS nightmare!

    So, some wonderful member of society tried yanking my 99 explorer sport and only anaged to damage the PATS module clip that snaps into ring. After replacing it (just the clip was broken-used exact same module and have both og keys), nada. 2 locksmiths, nothing. Took it to Ford and they (after a...
  10. I

    O2 sensor wiring issue

    I needed to change all 02 sensor wires due to some cable burns. I got 4 sensors. Each sensor with4 pins, 2 for the heater and 2 for the signal. In the PCM Pinout 4.0L SOHC as the following pins: The heater is mass controlled by the PCM and connected with a fuse to (+) on the battery. 93 Heated...
  11. S

    1998 Explorer xlt 4.0L SOHC Project(Don't Run Don't Crank) dead

    Three weeks ago I ran across a 1998 xlt 4.0 SOHC on Craig List for $800.00 132k on the body and 75k on the motor. I had to check it out. The truck was bought about 3 years ago from a service station with a broken timing chain and no compression on cylinders with valves closed. The motor was...
  12. T

    Sources for buying PCM

    PCM on my car is causing issues. It starts and runs fine on cold (especially now, in the winter), but as the engine heats up engine starts to stall. Slight knock on PCM also shuts the engine. Pre-heating it up to about 40C/104F causes intermittent no crank and frequent stalls. Overall PCM seems...
  13. T

    PCM Calibration based on a PCM part number

    Hi everyone. Need the pcm calibration file to flash to the existing pcm. Found this website that lets you download the calibration files but you have to know the calibration file name, which I don't have...
  14. Mitchs07explorer

    Recommendations on scanner tools

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a quality scan tool that would allow me to reset my adaptive learning in my PCM for my transmission. I've seen an array of scan tools from $16 to $1200 on Amazon and I'm not really sure what's under kill and what's over kill on a tool like this. I'm...
  15. W

    Explorer 2004 parasitic drain engine fuse #15

    First time poster or maybe a poser. I own a Ford Explorer from 2004. I am the original owner and it has about 180k miles. I had a 4yr old battery die and I bought a new one about 2 months back. We had a recent cold snap and the battery was dead. I "think" I have a parasitic drain. Here is what I...
  16. A

    Stalling Issue 05 4.0L

    Morning folks!, New guy here, but long time lurker. Anyhow, my 05 Eddie 2WD V6 4.0L has been having some issues with stalling at idle, rough idle, and jerking coming from the rear at highway speeds. All this is intermittent, but consistent. First time I stalled out I started back up no...
  17. S

    Misfire Engine Code V6

    Engine code p0306 keeps coming back. I have replaced: spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition coil pack, fuel injectors, and crankshaft position sensor. Each time I replaced something I disconnect the battery and when I reconnect the battery the engine code is cleared and it stays off for about...
  18. J

    Auto to 5 speed wiring harness compatibility checked

    I'm putting a 5 speed manual trans out of 93 ranger 4x4 in95 Explorer 4x4 automatic
  19. M

    Need help 2005 Explorer XLT 4.0 - PCM

    I replaced my PCM and forgot which plug goes to which jack! Can someone on here take a picture of theirs and post it?? My PCM is located on the left of the engine and is mounted vertically. I have searched the internet but only find off years. Please help!!!! (There is one plug coming from...
  20. T

    intermittent start to no start! help!

    I recently had my radiator and hoses replaced now my poor trucks temp gauge goes all the way up to almost overheating and back to normal while driving. She will also go to a low idle and stall with a sluggish acceleration at times (not all the time). My heater would blow cold air and the ac was...
  21. F

    pcm questions

    I have 99 explorer sport with an sohc recently converted to manual with the m50d. Ive tried leaving the solenoids plugged in to fool the pcm but the tranny codes always come back. my question is which model/year fords will have a pcm that will be plug and play? ive been told that a 2001 ranger...
  22. F

    1999 ex sport manual conversion. URGENT

    hello my fellow ford lovers, I just converted my 99 sport to manual. I bought the truck for the conversion. everything seems to be good how ever I keep getting the solenoid codes and this wont allow me to past e-test here in Ontario Canada. I just bought a 2004 ranger 4x4 pcm programed for...
  23. R

    Runs rough, dealer service says 'old'

    Had two diagnostics, 1st said PCM O2 side no voltage coming out. took to dealer with replacement PCM, said not computer; still running on original. 2nd dealer diag said truck old, timing belt is my ping kinda noise, also said compression checked twice cyl 2 and 4 gave low then normal value. One...
  24. K

    Looking to buy '98 explorer 4x4, but no keys

    So I've done some research, but I think I've read too much and confused myself. Truck is only $200 bc the guy has lost his keys and I talked him out of junking it. Problem is it's PATS equipped I believe. I'm new to PATS as my '97 explorer isn't so equipped. I'm thinking of just changing out...
  25. M

    Replace PCM, Readiness codes not set after 2 weeks

    I can't get an emissions certificate. I had a failed PCM replaced at the Ford dealer over 2 weeks ago. I have about 5 sensors that are failing readiness set. Is there some special driving cycle I need to go thru to get the sensors to go to ready? 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 2-wheel drive 4.0L